Play Free Sudoku Puzzle On Line

Play Free Sudoku Puzzle On Line
Kids and games have always been the perfect combination, and with this obsession, we are being led to find the perfect game, to play free on line sudoku with your kids. You might have never heard about this game, but now is the chance to discover a new universe of on line games on the internet. At the first view, you might find sudoku a complicated game, but in reality it’s as simple as chess. Yes, chess, because sudoku is a game of the mind, it makes you think of the possibilities, and strategies in order to complete those grids. It’s not a surprise that parents want to educate their children as well as possible, and a new method, recently discovered by scientists has showed that on line games, and even a strategy game develops the child’s mind.

We all know that sudoku was first invented in 1979 by the American Howard Grans, and published the first sudoku puzzle in ‘Dell Magazines’. As I already mentioned, the rules of this game are very simple, and if you are connected to the internet, you can easily play on line sudoku with your kids.

When you look at a sudoku game you first see grids, which are divided, conform to the rules in 9*9 grids, with 3*3 ‘sub-grids’, which are called ‘regions’. The next step is to notice that some of the boxes of the grids are already completed with numbers. The main purpose is that the empty cells should be filed with numbers from 1 to 9. The most important rule of all is that you are allowed to write only once a number. Now, knowing the rules, we can proceeded to the next step, the on line sudoku. I surfed on the internet in the hope to find an on line game, and on the web site I found a great variety of puzzles, which not only I, but everyone who accesses this site could play. The levels of difficulty are ‘medium’, ‘hard’ and ‘evil’: the last level is for the ‘masters’ of this game, the ones who practically see sudoku as a way of living.

The kids of nowadays spend more time in front of the computer, and it would be a pity if they waste it watching useless violent cartoons or different movies which have no positive influence over them. Parents should show their children sites where their creativity and intelligence is required. Studies have showed that parents who play alongside with their children on line games, or even play against their children, that is in games too, make their children more interested in the game itself rather than the background, color or other characteristics of the site.

The era of free on line games has reached its highest point, you can find on the same games thousands of sites, and not to mention articles. When you play free on line sudoku puzzle with your kids, your child appreciates you that apart from the fact that you teach him or her how to surf the net, you spend quality time with him or her, which is the most important.

As a conclusion, I might say that if you play free sudoku on line puzzle with your kids, you are the one who has to gain from this ‘deal’, so, what are you waiting for?

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