Fouls and Free Throws

Fouls and Free Throws

Fouls and Free Throws

A foul is defined as an attempt to unfairly gain an advantage over an opponent through physical contact. This is considered illegal in basketball and results in various penalties against the offending person.

Normally, a foul is committed by a defensive player, but it can be committed by an offensive player as well. The player that gets fouled will either be given the ball to throw inbounds or be given free throws. If the player that gets fouled is shooting when they are fouled, they will get to shoot free throws. If the shot they are attempting to make is worth two points, they will be given two free throws, if the shot is worth three points, they will get three free throws. However, if the shot is worth two points and they make the shot and get fouled, they only get one free throw.

A team is considered in “bonus” when the opposing team has 6 fouls it has committed. On the next foul, the team with the bonus gets to shoot a one and one free throw attempt. If the first shot is made, the shooter gets another try. If the first shot is missed, the ball goes back into play. A team goes in to double bonus when the opposing team has committed nine fouls. On the tenth foul, the team that has the double bonus gets two free throw attempts regardless of whether the first one is made or not.

Since different people perceive things different ways, there is a lot of variance in calling fouls. One referee may see something as a foul that another referee does not consider a foul. Any player who gets five fouls in one game may not play for the rest of the game.

Any player or coach or even fan can receive a technical foul. Poor sportsmanship such as arguing and fighting can yelling at the referees can earn anyone a technical foul. Some fouls can even be severe enough to warrant ejection from the game. On a technical foul, the team that has been granted the free throw(s) may choose who shoots the free throws.

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