Belly Dance and Other Workouts

Belly Dance and Other Workouts
Most people believe that one workout is the cure all for everything. Dancers do other workouts that may surprise people.

First of all, a workout is what you make it. I teach a belly dance workout twice a week and although I see some of my students workout with me, I don't believe they are giving it their all. It is what you make it.

Some people do workout just to get results on a certain part of their body. They want to slim down on the tummy section or they want stronger, lean thighs. Belly dance certainly targets every part of the body, but at the end, the results may not be what the person expects it to be.

The other issue I get from students is that belly dance is not enough cardio. Belly dance is not going to be a huff and puff type of workout. Instead, doing a bunch of hip lifts, shimmies, and other fast movements serves the same purpose. It is cardio, just not red face type cardio.

Dancing, for me, is the best type of workout. Yoga, Taebo, Pilates, and aerobics really are not for me. The reason any type of dance workout is my cup of tea, is the movement, choreography, and number one reason, the music.

I do have to admit that as dancers, sometimes we do other workouts to keep us in shape, and I encourage dancers to do the same. Getting on a treadmill and running is a good workout for me because all my worries are gone afterwards. I also get a thrill when I complete my three miles in a certain time. Furthermore, my hips slim down and my muscles are stronger.

There are other dancers that I know who do other workouts. Some do Yoga, while others do a form of martial arts. The key is to love the workout you do. How else will you benefit if you don't like the workout?

A couple of days ago, I had my first male student take my workout class. He lifts weights in the mornings, then comes to my class for a workout. Why? To strengthen his back. A few huffs and puff later, he told me, "I didn't realize belly dancing was hard to do".

So you see, not one workout is the answer for getting results. A person should explore and do other workouts. A total workout is not one workout, but a combination of different ones.

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