Be Yourself

Be Yourself
Nobody can be exactly like me. Even I have trouble doing it. - Tallulah Bankhead

I yet again feel like the quote I have chosen is another piece of advice that I am giving to the people who read my articles however I guess that I will reiterate what I have stated before about quotes...

They are there to be inspirational, and the reason that they are short and that they can relate to everyone is part of the reason why people learn from them, although not all quotes will apply to every person, there will always be one that jumps out at you or you feel is speaking to you. I guess when I saw this quote on the daily website, I thought it spoke to me. I think it will to a lot of other people aswell.

I like the idea that it focusses on the fact that everyone is different. Although people might be similar, have a lot of the same characteristics and traits, no one is exactly the same and that is what makes us so unique. This is the reason why sometimes we have to make our own decisions in life and even getting advice off people can normally help, in some situations where we differ, we have to work it out on our own.

The interesting part of this quote is the second bit: 'even I have trouble doing it. The fact is that sometimes we can lose ourselves, no matter how much we know we should do something or we know how we should act, there are things in life that can stop this and we are unable to make these choices, no matter how important we are. The reason for this is that we change, especially when we are younger and growing up, we might think we know exactly who we are but as we change and mature and face different obstacles in life, we might not act like the person we once thought we were. But I think the important thing to remember is that it is okay to change, because not everything about us will, we will just become stronger in ourselves and our own personalities.

It is inspiring how we can bring so much out of one small quotation, but I challenge you to find quotes that inspire and speak to you and share them with me.

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