Smells That Make You Smile

Smells That Make You Smile
It is fascinating that there are certain smells that make you smile instantly. Research has shown that smells can affect your mind and behaviour more than you might think. This self development article discusses smells that make you smile. How might you use these to your advantage?

Smells that make you smile – why this happens

When you inhale a smell it eventually reaches a part of your brain that stimulates a particular emotion. You subconsciously connect it to someone or something that happened in the past. This emotional connection can be very powerful. If you think about it, you can buy all sorts of products with a particular scent that can change your mood and make you feel good, e.g., soap, shampoo, perfume, car fresheners, etc. This is what can make aromatherapy so effective.

If you think back to what smells affect your mood you will find that certain aromas calm you down, make you more relaxed, make you less stressed and in general, give you a good feeling overall. Smells can affect your behaviour and mood as they can conjure up powerful memories in an instant. Smells that make you smile are generally related to memories of happy and fun times.

Smells that make you smile – some examples

The effect of smells is very personal and can be connected with memories of:

* Home – the aroma of certain recipes
* Holidays – the salty air of the seaside
* Homework – the musty scent of books
* Nursery – the sweet fragrance of paints
* School – the strange smell of old corridors
* Siblings – the unforgettable aroma of baby powder

Here are some smells that people say make them feel good and smile in an instant:

* Rain
* Flowers
* Sandalwood
* Hot chocolate
* Air fresheners
* Newly mown lawns
* Hotdogs at fairgrounds
* Perfume of a special person
* Bread that has just been baked
* Clothes that have just been tumble-dried

Smells that make you smile - how this is used commercially

In the world of advertising and marketing, smells are used to help you make certain decisions, e.g., aromas are piped subtly around shops to make you feel good and get you into a 'spending mode'. This is also why estate agents suggest baking or making fresh coffee just before people look around your home. The field of scent marketing has become rather scientific with smells now being produced artificially and presented to people in public spaces via ventilation systems and other methods.

Smells that make you smile – a warning

Smells are closely connected to your memory. With that in mind, they may not always have the same good effect on everyone. You might connect a bad memory with a certain smell. Also, what you feel about a smell might be based on your culture, where you live in the world, how you have been brought up, and many other factors.

Smells that make you smile – self development summary

From a self development point of view, if you know what smells make you feel good inside, you can use this information to change your mood whenever you wish. If a smell makes you smile, use this to your advantage!

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