DDRX / Dance Dance Revolution X

DDRX / Dance Dance Revolution X
How many DDR games can they make? DDRX brings a new, urban video-based look to the DDR game, but in the end it really comes down to if you enjoy the songs and dancing to them.

I have five DDR games and I have an area of my basement set up with the PS2, the pile of games and the dance pad. I don't tend to play "one game" (in terms of DDR). If I head downstairs to dance, I play a few songs on one game, swap games, play a few songs on the next one and so on. I get a lot of chances to compare them all against each other, the benefits and downsides of each one.

DDR X is certainly shinier than the other games. They are pushing the PS2 to its limits with the graphics here. Really, though, who is watching the graphics when they are dancing? Yes, I love having the treadmill-dancing video running for OK Go (and missed half the steps the first time I danced it because I was having so much fun watching the video). Which sort of proves my point - if you are watching or paying attention to anything other than the arrows, you'll be in trouble :)

Since the arrows really don't change from game to game, all that really matters is the song list. This is a VERY subjective judgment. We all have quite different musical tastes. For example, in DDR X there are four songs I really like - and I'm not really fond of the others. I'm sure other players will have a completely separate list of songs in this game they adore. That's why it's nice to have so many options in the game, so that you can pick out the ones you like and ignore the ones you don't like.

I'm really glad they continue to come out with games for the PS2 to continue out the DDR game line. I like the steps and songs in my various DDR games and am always glad to be able to add more games into my workout mix. I'm sure at some point with the PS3 they'll come out with a DDR that lets you download songs and old step sets from the old DDR games, and at that point I might convert up to the PS3. In the meantime, though, this is a great option. I definitely recommend anyone who wants to get a good balance and cardio workout to look into DDR, look at the song set list for each one and choose a few that you enjoy. DDR isn't about just having one and playing only it all the time. It's about having a few, with songs you like, and enjoying the songs.

DDRX is definitely a great addition to the library. Well recommended.

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