Obama tells Congress to do their job

Obama tells Congress to do their job
President Barack Obama told Congress to do their job during a press conference on June 29, 2011. President Obama started the press conference with the issue of the United States economy. He told the nation that middle class America was struggling before the start of the recession and that there were no overnight solutions. That the economy is recovering and will continue to recover with more care and balance from the government and its people. He explained that there were several bills Congress could bring to him that would help Americans through the recession.

Congress has a bill that could be approved to make it easier for individuals to patent ideas and/or products. This would have the potential of creating jobs by allowing products and services in less time. Another bill that Congress is reviewing would help the government to provide loans to private construction businesses that would put construction workers back to work rebuilding roads and bridges. President Obama would also like to see the tax cut available to middle class Americans for another year as well. Obama listed these items as actions he was willing to accept to boost the U.S. economy. It seems these things would be a pretty easy pass; however, politics has been taking the front seat to the needs of American families.

He discussed reducing the deficit by increasing taxes for millionaire and billionaires, corporate jet owners and gas and oil companies. He went on to say that people and business in those tax brackets are experiencing the lowest tax rates since the 1950’s. I agree that if taxes need to be raised it should start with those that have been extremely profitable. It is the middle class and lower class families that work for these companies and buy their products and services that have supported them and made that business so profitable. Perhaps in a time like this it is time to give back. He pointed out that if these tax increases weren’t approved that they would have to cut in areas that would have a negative impact in many areas.

Programs like the National Weather Service would receive huge cuts, food inspection would suffer and scholarships would decrease. These programs serve many Americans. The National Weather Service has been extremely beneficial over the years and with the natural disasters experienced around the globe as well as across the U.S. it is needed more than ever. There have recently been several E coli cases from the meat companies to the spinach farms. Food inspectors are so important because most families do not grow their own foods or buy from local sources. The more food we import and transport across the country the more inspectors we need, not less.

He touched on the Libya incidents saying he has kept his promises to the American people and that Gadhafi must step down. He indicated that he would not accept less than that to consider the actions of NATO successful. He explained again that the actions of our government would be limited and shared among other nations in NATO.

There was also some discussion of civil marriages. President Obama expressed that the issue of same sex marriages should be decided by the state government. Discrimination has always been a federal concern. Women voting, slavery, and ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ are a couple of examples of federal action in defense of human rights. Civil marriages need to be discussed on a federal level and acted on by the federal government. Discrimination should not be allowed to creep in from any direction. The U.S. government should be united concerning basic human rights and continue to accept equality as a federal issue.

Obama also touched on the U.S. need for comprehensive immigration reform. This was a hot topic during his run for office. This is a topic that should be brought back to the forefront. Perhaps after the economy and deficit are in a better place the government can start working on this controversial and important issue. What that said perhaps the August 2nd deadline will truly be the resolution to the economic crisis that has plagued the Obama administration.

The Obama administration inherited many of the economic woes and President Obama is correct, it takes time to fix something of this magnitude. It does take all of us working together. Historically recessions are a great time to venture into small business thus creating new jobs. It is a time to become more frugal and take a close look at consumerism. It is important to buy locally when possible to help your community’s economy. It is also the time when congress must put aside political differences and come together for the best interest of the people that elected them. The jury is still out to whether they will be the governing body that they were elected to be.

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