Digital Stencil in Illustrator Gingerbread Man

Digital Stencil in Illustrator Gingerbread Man
In this tutorial, we will create a digital stencil for a gingerbread man in Illustrator. This stencil will be used in the digital watercolor software Rebelle.

When I create a stencil for Rebelle in Illustrator, I start by creating the basic vector shapes in color, which gives me a chance to test colors for the watercolor art in Rebelle.

This stencil will have two parts (see screenshot). The first part will be a cutout for the basic body shape for the gingerbread man. The second part will be cutouts for the details, such as the piping, face, buttons and bow tie.

Let's start a new Illustrator project.

  1. As we will be working in vectors, we can scale the results as needed for any artwork. So let's start with a small size file.

    Width 1500 px and Height 1000 px at 72 dpi

  2. Using the Pen tool, draw the basic shape for your gingerbread man (see screenshot).

  3. This will be the body cutout shape for our stencil. Let's set the Fill to a light brown color #eac7ad and the Stroke to null.

  4. Lock this layer and add a new layer.

    We will now draw the white piping along the edge of the cookie.

  5. Using the Pen tool and the Stroke color set to white, draw the first line of piping along the left edge of the head. Use the Smooth tool to smooth the path.

    At this point, the path has the Basic brush applied by default. Let's add a little texture and interest to the piping with a different brush from the Brush Library. But first, we need to open the libraries.

  6. In the Brushes panel, click the Brush Libraries Menu icon at the bottom. Click on any brush in the list to open the libraries into a new panel (see screenshot).

  7. Select the piping path that we just drew and click the thumbnail for one of the brushes in the library. I decided to use the Dry Brush 6 and reduced the Stroke Width to .25 pt (see screenshot).

  8. Repeat the previous steps to add piping in small sections along the edge of the body. Experiment with different brushes and sizes for more variation (see screenshot).

Note: The Brush Libraries panel will remain open until you close this Illustrator project file. To tell Illustrator to open this panel with every new project, click Persistent in the Panel menu (see screenshot).


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