The College / Freshman 15 Weight Gain

The College / Freshman 15 Weight Gain
Are you or someone you love in college? If so, then you're probably encountering issues with the Freshman 15 - the 3 pounds a month most college students gain.

Medical studies have proven that kids moving from homelife to college excesses tend to gain 1/2 pound or more a week, which easily adds up to 15, 20, or more pounds of added weight by the time they come home for the summer.

Researchers trace this weight gain to unhealthy eating habits that the college students adopt once "free" of parental cooking. They gorge on fattening foods at the all-you-can-eat cafeterias, keep their dorm rooms full of junk food and experiment with high-carb beer as the liquid of choice.

Another result found by studies by Tufts is that some students adopt a "vegetarian" diet in order to eat more healthily, but because they then start gorging on baked goods, carbohydrates and sugary products, they actually damage their health far worse than if they'd simply gone for a more balanced approach. They end up both with a hefty weight gain as well as a higher cholesterol rating.

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