How PMS Affects Your Family

How PMS Affects Your Family
It is that time of year when stress and anxiety runs high for everyone. It can be particularly difficult for women when it is also 'that time' of the month. PMS can cause you to change from a loving and understanding mom, wife and employee to a harpy. It's not your fault. It is a condition of the condition.

You know the routine, you yell at little Johnnie early in the morning and he tearfully says, "But mommy, I didn't do anything." He does not know that tapping on the table for 5 minutes without stopping is making your head pound and turning you into a blue meanie. While you may find yourself tense and anxious, it is possible that family members may begin to feel the same anxiety and tenseness. The subject of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is often approached with humor, uncomfortable snickering or bad jokes. If you suffer from it, you know that PMS is not a laughing matter. Those pimples don't help either.

Here is some information I gathered by about discussing PMS with friends and colleagues. I asked what they to do during this time. They shared a few tips with me.

  • Eat more fruits and fresh vegetables, especially green vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Reason: eliminates constipation.

  • When you crave sugar, eat fruits instead of sweets. Reason: Candy equals calories, fruits satisfy craving and replete your body with water and fiber.

  • If you crave salt, eat cottage cheese instead. Reason: Satisfies craving. Less salt--less bloating.

  • Eat pasta. Tastes good, comforting and runners eat it when training.

  • Continue taking your vitamins, even though the smell now makes you feel nauseous.

  • Take naps when you can or go to bed early. Reason: Combat tiredness and crankiness.

  • Stay away from alcohol.

  • Relax with deep breathing exercises, meditation, long walks and massage.

  • Keep a low profile at work--work behind the scene, clean your files, etc. Drink hot dandelion root tea. Reasons: You are less likely to loose your temper if you don't talk. Dandelion root tea is a natural diuretic.

I do not know what works and what does not work, but the women I spoke with swear by these methods. If they work for them, they may work for you. The last suggestion is to simply tell your family that you need a little space and kindness for the next few days or week. And, apologize in advance for anything you may do or say.

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