How to Make a Boat Basket

How to Make a Boat Basket
Here’s how to make a simple decorative basket using strips of cardstock. Use it to display small, lightweight objects like sweets, paper flowers, Christmas ornaments, or balls of yarn.

You will need:boat basket photo

* Green cardstock
- 5 strips, each measuring roughly ¾ inch x 11 inches (2cm x 28cm)
- 4 strips, each measuring roughly 3/8 inch x 11 inches (1cm x 28cm)
*Red cardstock
- 6 strips, each measuring roughly ¾ inch x 11 inches (2cm x 28cm)
- 3 strips, each measuring roughly 3/8 inch x 11 inches (1cm x 28cm)
* 2 paper fasteners
* Hole punch
* Paper trimmer, OR ruler, craft knife and cutting mat
* Scissors
* Craft glue

Measure, mark and cut the cardstock to the indicated sizes. Set aside one wide red strip and one narrow green strip for the handle.

On each of the remaining wide strips, punch a hole 3/8 inch (1 cm) from the ends. Stack the strips in this order (R = red; G = green): R GG RR GG RR G. Bind the strips together by inserting the paper fasteners into the holes.

Next, gently bend the stack into a curve. Fan out the strips – starting with the outermost strip and working inward, move the first strip to right side, move the second strip to the left side, move the third to the right and so on (photo1), alternating the direction of the strips until you form a basket with alternating red and green strips (photo 2). Adjust the strips so that they are spread out more or less evenly.

basket photo  basket photo

Now take one narrow green strip and weave it across the middle of the basket, going over and under the wide strips (photo 3). Weave a narrow red strip on each side of the narrow green strip, then weave narrow green strips next to the red strips. Note that the narrow strips will curve along the basket and their ends will meet. Adjust the weaving so that the spacing of the strips is even, then glue the ends of the narrow strips to the edge of the basket. Trim off the excess (photo 4).

basket photo  basket photo

To make the handle, glue the narrow green strip down the middle of the wide red strip. Punch a hole a both ends. Attach one end of the handle first: Hold the ends of the wide strips together so that they don’t spring apart, then carefully undo the prongs of the fastener but do not remove it. Slip on the handle then secure the fastener’s prongs again. Do the same to attach the other end of the handle. There you have it!

boat basket photo

* Leave out the handle for a more streamlined look.
* You can use just one color of cardstock, or use patterned scrapbook paper instead.

boat basket photo

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