Brianna's Home Style Ranch Dressing

Brianna's Home Style Ranch Dressing
Brianna's Home Style Ranch Dressing is a buttermilk salad dressing with only 2g of sugar per serving. It's got all natural ingredients, and helps make your salad tasty!

For the serving size of 2 tablespoons you get 160 calories. There is 1g of protein, 280mg of sodium, 10mg of cholesterol, and no trans fats.

You get a whopping 40% of your daily vitamin E with this serving! That's great news.

The dressing, like most dressings of this type, is primarily canola oil, water, and vinegar. The remaining items are natural ones like dried green onions and dill.

I am a great fan of eating all natural items - the package is very clear to state that it's all natural, no artificial. If you're eating a delicious, healthy, fresh salad, full of greens and fresh veggies, it makes sense to top it with something equally good for you.

Of course I do have to comment that you tend to pay more for natural food items. It's a shame! We should live in a world where fresh, healthy food is not expensive. However, it does make sense that something that has a short shelf life is going to be harder to stock on shelves and keep in inventory vs something that lasts for eight years. It's often harder to keep natural ingredients clean and safe in the food making process too. So I do understand these forces at work. So then the question comes down to, is it worth the extra money to get this "better" product?

I want to say first that eating salads frequently is very good for your health. So whatever you do to your salad to help ensure you eat it and enjoy it is a good thing. So I wouldn't say to switch to a certain type of salad dressing if you have one you adore. Getting your salads into you with pleasure is the key here.

With that being said, I do think it's worth it to take that next step and find a version that is as healthy as possible for you. Sometimes it costs a little more to care for your health. So if you're a fan of ranch dressings, I'd suggest giving this one a try. The better you take care of your body, the better it will work and live!

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