First Impressions That Can Make You Cringe

First Impressions That Can Make You Cringe
First impressions are made within just a few seconds of entering someone's space, usually well before you have said a single word. Some first impressions can really make you cringe and once a bad impression is given it is virtually impossible to undo.

First Impressions

It is said that up to 90% of first impressions relate to non-verbal communication and general body language. Within seconds opinions are formed about you based on how you look and how you move. The person you are meeting for the first time does not know you so your appearance is usually the first thing they hone in on.

There are many articles on general body language for great first impressions like eye contact, mannerisms, etc. You may well stand out from the crowd because of an unusual haircut, unique jewellery, tattoos, etc. Also, the clothes you wear may vary according to country, culture, religion, age, etc. However, that is what makes you unique and it is important to keep your individuality.

This self development article is not about the issues above. It is about one tiny aspect of first impressions: the little details that can make you cringe and distract you from good communication with another person.

First Impressions That Can Make You Cringe - Some of the Worst

Here are just a few first impressions that have been reported as making people cringe the most:

* Bad breath
* Wonky ties
* Body odour
* Chipped nails
* Flies not closed
* Dandruff in hair
* Food stains on ties
* Sweating profusely
* Food between teeth
* Dirt under fingernails
* Muddy or scuffed shoes
* Greasy or unwashed hair
* Dandruff on the shoulders
* Smudged mascara or lipstick
* Zips 'repaired' with paperclips
* Dead flaky skin around the ears
* Sneezing or coughing on others
* Food crumbs around the mouth
* Spectacles held together with tape
* Pen ink marks over fingers or hands
* Ear wax coming out of the ear canal
* Smudges and grease marks on spectacle lenses
* Enough cologne or perfume to affect your breathing

First Impressions That Can Make You Cringe - Self Development Summary

The reason why the first impressions above can make you cringe is that when you meet people for the first time it can be the tiniest thing that puts you off. It is not that you expect people to dress like a model, but being clean and well groomed (you and your belongings) shouts out to others what you think about yourself.

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