Breeders - The New N Word

Breeders - The New N Word
Breeders – The New “N” word

Breeders, the new “N” word. Do not go flipping the web page, closing out the browser window or just plain leaving the computer now. Yep, you read right. Breeder is the new “N” word, plain and simple. However, what does it mean and how can it be related to the “N” word.

Go around to a diverse neighborhood and yell the word Nigger or Kyke, Spic or Chink, and what would happen? You probably would not survive the hour because of the onslaught of negativity and violence that would erupt from just those words. Yet, why do people use them? And, better yet, why does our community (the GLBT one) use them and words like Breeder, among others?

We are a community that is repressed just like any other community that had to fight for its civil liberties and rights. We are a diverse community that stands up for what is right, and fights what is wrong… or do we. That is the real question here. Time, and time again, I hear people complaining that we are not taken seriously or respected. I just laugh when people say this, which is usually the response that people are least expecting. Why do I laugh? Simple. My mother and father taught me that in order for a person to get respect, they must first give it. If you want the heterosexual world to trust and respect you, you must first trust and respect them. YES! You heard me right… TRUST and RESPECT them.

While differences in opinion may divide people and cause strife, they do not have to. When people respect each other, they can achieve the unachievable. When people trust each other, they can trust the un-trustable.

So why have not we as a community learned this valuable lesson. Is it all the years of abuse, hate, neglect, and mistrust we have suffered? On the other hand, is it the fact that what has been used against us, we use against others?

How can we get the heterosexual world to trust and respect us when we refer to its citizens as Breeders? We cannot. That would be like me walking into an NAACP meeting and saying, “What’s up nigger?” It just does not work. When we use words of disrespect and hate, just because a person is different, we not only bemoan ourselves, but those who we use the words against. We loose all trust and respect when we do not trust and respect.

So get off your high horse and stop using demeaning and rude words against the heterosexual community like Breeder. This accomplishes nothing but more distrust, disrespect, hurt, and anger. It does not pave the way for our civil liberties and rights to be enacted and respected. It takes away from the struggles and battles we have already fought and won. Do not negate what Stonewall, the APA reversal, and many other victories have brought us. Do not prove them (those who hate us) right in keeping us down.

Rise up my brothers and sisters and be the better people. Do not stoop to the level of the nigger, spic, kyke, chink, and breeder word speakers. Be a man and woman of honor, use vocabulary to your advantage, and not disadvantage.

To get respect and trust, we must give it, live it, breathe it, and show it!

Jase ;0)

Jason P. Ruel
Editor, Gay Lesbian News at

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