Beck's Premier Light Beer

Beck's Premier Light Beer
Beck's Premier Light Beer is a low carb beer with 64 calories and 3.9g carbs. How does this compare with other low carb beer?

Beck's Premier Light Beer It's clearly a light flavored beer, with a golden color and gentle bubbles. For me this is a perfect summertime style of beer - fresh, crisp, and flavorful. We enjoy it on its own, and also with dishes that are light to medium in flavor. For example, this goes well with a fresh homemade salsa and nacho chips. I probably wouldn't pair it with something extremely heavy or dense like a super-spicy ribs dinner. The beer's flavor would get lost.

For 12 ounces of beer there are:
64 calories
3.9g carbs
0g fat
under 1g protein
3.5% alcohol

This has been their stats for many years, now, so they are stable with their recipe.

Up sides? The beer is quite tasty. If you're going to drink several beers in a day, then the 3.5% alcohol ensures that you are keeping your body healthy. At only 64 calories, you can have a nicely flavored drink that isn't filling you up with calories at the rate that a soda or other sugary drink would.

It used to be that, unlike many other "international" beers which were really brewed at a generic location based on a standardized recipe, or even "downgraded" for the US market, Beck's was actually made in Germany and imported from Germany. However, they have given in and now brew in the US. That's a real shame. I think the local water makes a difference in flavor. Still, they're trying to save money in shipping.

The "best before" date printed on it helps to ensure that your local beer shop is serving you a beer that is fresh and flavorful.

The cost is quite reasonable, just over $1 a beer, so certainly not the cheapest beer on the planet but also within the range of many other beer on the market.

So are there down sides here? Well, certainly, it's a light beer, so someone who craves super-dense heavy beer might not find this to their liking. It's also not the rock-bottom price on the market. If your aim is solely to get buzzed, then this wouldn't be the cheapest way to do that.

However, if you're looking to enjoy a nice meal with friends, or a tasty appetizer with a matching drink, I'd be happy to recommend this as a suitable choice!

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