BellaOnline ADD Site Tour

BellaOnline ADD  Site Tour
When I first started visiting BellaOnline, I had a difficult time figuring out where to go and what to do. However, the site had a certain amount of charm, so I just kept coming back. It was summertime, and I had a bit of leisure time. Maybe you don’t have time to figure out what’s going on at the Attention Deficit Disorder Site. This is an introduction to the site using a question and answer format.

How can I find things on the ADD Site? To get back to the homepage, just click on Attention Deficit Disorder at the top of the page. Along the left are clickable links that tell the topics that are available. Sometimes an article will fit into several topics. In that case I place it where it seems most logical. The Features that are down the middle of the page are usually the most recent articles. You may see the most viewed articles and my personal favorites below that. Also, recent features are archived. The site map gives a brief description of all of the categories. You can jump right to the category that you choose.

Below those links are the ways that you can share what you find on the site. Liking the site on Facebook is a click away. You can bookmark, stumble, or tweet somebody. Send the article to a friend via e-mail. It’s effortless to do. Our webmaster enjoys making life easy for everybody.

What is the forum for? It’s a way to exchange ideas and ask questions. We have a lot of people who visit the ADD site who really understand what life is like with Attention Deficit Disorder. Enjoy the camaraderie on the forum. It’s simple to do. There is a link at the bottom of the page with the last three forum posts. Click any of those links to go to the forum. There is also a link on the right side of the page. You can click that also to go directly to the ADD forum. If you just want to read posts and lurk about, you don’t need to join. People who post need to be members of the forum. It’s a painless process.

How do I become a member of the ADD Forum? Click on any forum link. Scroll down and look at the right side of the forum page. There is a Register to Post link below the Brand New Posts. Click the registration link and follow the directions. You will never, ever, be spammed. We are here to provide information to our readers. Your personal details will not be sold, exchanged, or loaned. The only person who will have access to your registration is our webmaster. She takes confidentiality extremely seriously.

What if I have a question? If you have a general question, please post it in the forum. You may get several good answers. If it is a personal or specific question, you may want to send me a private message by clicking on my forum signature. You may also click the contact button, which looks like an envelope, on the right side of the ADD homepage. Also, by clicking my name at the top of the page, you will get the BellaOnline ADD site e-mail. It goes directly to me.

Will you write about topics that are suggested by readers? Yes, actually there have been several that were suggested. It’s interesting to do research and write about different aspects of the ADD experience. Sometimes it takes a while for me to do the research, but please ask if you want me to write about a topic that you want to learn about.

What are Related Links at the bottom of the articles? These are links to articles, usually mine, but sometimes by another BellaOnline editor, that complement the article that you are reading. If you want to know more about a subject, or read about a topic that is related to the topic that you are learnng about, click on the links.

Sometimes I see Amazon links; what’s that about? If I write a review and you want to see more about the product, the Amazon link makes that easier for you. That’s the primary reason for the Amazon links. However, if you click on one of my links and order from Amazon, I do get a small commission. If the links work for you, feel free to use them!

Do you promote taking medication? I think that it’s best for each person to decide what is best for himself or herself after doing research and consulting a knowledgeable medical professional. Some people that I have known were not helped by medication. Others had their lives changed for the better after getting the correct medication and dosage. Many people that I know take meds, others do not. The Improve Symptoms section of the site gives suggestions for improving symptoms without medication.

Why do you write about Attention Deficit Disorder?Writing is my creative outlet. After living a full life with ADD, having a family full of folks who are wired a bit differently with ADD, and teaching hundreds of students with ADD/ADHD, this subject has become a passion of mine! The many facets of Attention Deficit Disorder are fascinating. If you want to know more about my perspective on ADD, click on my name on the homepage to read the bio.

If you are new to the BellaOnline Attention Deficit Disorder Site, we are thrilled that you found us. If you have been around for awhile, thank you for spending your time here. Feel comfortable posting opinions or questions in the forum. And always, your comments and suggestions are welcomed! You are the reason that this site is here.

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