Five Ways to Live Well With ADD

Five Ways to Live Well With ADD
A paradox of living well with Attention Deficit Disorder is that it means finding ways to attend to the areas of your life that will help to improve some negative symptoms of ADD/ADHD. You also need to accentuate the positive traits of Attention Deficit Disorder. This means controlling the chaos and helping yourself with energy, creativity, and unique organization. Here are some things that can contribute to living well with Attention Deficit Disorder.

1. Pay attention to the important relationships in your life. Help yourself by helping others. When you see somebody who needs help, offer to do what they need. This will help refine your vision of yourself. You are strong and caring. Others depend on you.

2. Get enough sleep.
People with Attention Deficit Disorder who are not getting enough high-quality sleep are more distractible and a whole lot less organized. Practice good sleep hygiene. Make sure that the surroundings in the room lend themselves to sleep. The bed needs to be comfortable. Your body needs to be at ease. This means that you feel refreshed from a bath and are wearing comfy bed clothes.

3. Fight your stress with pleasure.
Everybody has different activities that they find relaxing. Identify yours. Plan to do these activities, then actually take the time to do them. The last part is the hardest, since we often spend a lot of time doing activities that we feel are “necessary,” but don’t add to the quality of our lives.

4. Plan for good nutrition.
Take a few minutes and make a list of about 10 meals that are nutritious and easy to make. Get the ingredients for the ones that are family favorites and keep them around.

Then, when real life happens, and you don't have time to make a huge meal, bring out the easy meal. It saves money and sanity. You aren't feeding yourself and your family a high-fat, high-additive meal.

It's also nice to make enough for two meals and freeze one meal. You can use that frozen meal when you are really pressed for time. Just remember to use it within a month or two. A freezer full of food that's gathering ice crystals doesn't help anybody.

5. Rid yourself of things that complicate your life.
One of the best ways to help yourself manage symptoms is to get rid of distractions If it doesn't help you get ahead with your goals or doesn't give you pleasure, then evaluate whether you really need this in your life. Know that getting rid of things that complicate your life can be difficult.

Choose three things that are complicating your life. They need to be things that you can do something about. Now, which one is causing you the most distress? Make a plan to handle that problem. Use your creativity and persistence to get that one thing under control. Make sure that you consider your roadblocks to success and how you will go around them.

Once you have gotten the one thing under control, go to the next most problematic thing that is complicating your life. Repeat the process.

After you have gotten your top three items under control, then spend some time just keeping the flow going. After the new patterns are well-established, take on one new problem at a time.

Sometimes the path to getting your life in order zigs and zags. That's okay, There is value in the journey, not just in the destination. Attention Deficit Disorder can be a complication in your life, but it can also make it richer. You can live well with ADD.

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