Learning New Skills with ADD

Learning New Skills with ADD
How do you feel when you must try to learn a new skill? Excited? Anxious? Curious? Completely stressed out? Attention Deficit Disorder can definitely add a layer of complexity to learning a new skill. Especially if the skill has multiple steps, ADD can make learning difficult.

Recently, I had a chance to learn a new skill. I made e-postcards for the ADD Site at BellaOnline. Graphics programs flummox me. I get excited about the products that can be made, but my anxiety level goes through the roof! After working with limited success with a large graphics program, I called on a friend who is a graphics queen! She taught me to use Photobucket, an online graphics program, to crop, resize, and put a border around a photo.

It didn’t matter that we were over a thousand miles apart. Using another program, we talked on the phone while I watched my friend’s computer screen. She demonstrated how to upload a photo from her computer. Then, she cropped it. Cropping is where you choose the great parts of the photo and cut everything else out. The cropped photo was resized to meet the requirements for an e-postcard. After that, a thumbnail, a smaller version of the postcard, was created with a black border around it. Finally, I downloaded the postcard and thumbnail to my computer. All of this had to happen correctly before any postcards were placed at BellaOnline for you to send to friends.

What did I learn about ADD and doing these multi-step tasks? Inattention was not my friend. I loaded two postcards on the server that were the wrong size. It took me a week to figure out how to get them out of there! I learned that a step-by-step protocol for doing the task had to be developed. At the end, before the pictures were loaded, I needed to check the size of each picture and thumbnail to make sure that they fulfilled the criteria. Practice did make things a lot better. After I made mistakes and learned from those errors on the first group of postcards, the next two sets of postcards went smoothly. There, the ADD did help. I had a lot of energy and persistence

To recap, these directions will help you learn to do a multi-step task:
*If you have struggled with the task, have an expert tutor you.
*Have the expert talk you through what you should do as they demonstrate the task.
*They need to demonstrate more than one time. Ask questions as they occur to you.
*Have a step-by-step written procedure to avoid getting lost in the details.
*Practice the task while they are there to guide you.
*Practice independently. Be mindful of what you are doing.
*If you consistently make a mistake, take the time to work out how you can do the job correctly.
*Amend your guide to help you in those places where you make errors.
*Practice a lot, so that the job becomes second nature to you.

At this point I am going to invite you to use the postcards that I made. How do you do that? On the right side of each BellaOnline page, there is a Daily Click box. Click on the “Postcards” section. That will take you to the postcards. There are postcards from many of the BellaOnline sites. Look for Attention Deficit Disorder and click to enter our site. The three sets are Calming, Serenity, or Tranquility. Are you sensing a theme here? The postcards are views from nature that make me feel good when I look at them. Only the first set has captions on the cards. The others just have a picture. When you click on the thumbnail, it will take you to the full-sized postcard. You can choose a greeting, border color, music, and a stamp. Send one or send 100, they are always free. Your e-mail information is not sold, traded, or captured by our site. When you send a postcard, you don’t get dozens of spams in return!

If you feel like a bit of mind training, go back to the Daily Click. Click on “Bored? Games!” You will find many family friendly free games. Did you know that we have all of this at BellaOnline to amuse our readers? Under “Train Your Brain” there are memory games. When you open the ones for Attention Deficit Disorder, you’ll find the thumbnails from the postcards. They are used in three memory games. Just follow the directions, and let me know what your score was. You can post in the forum. In the Serenity game, you will notice one of the images is an icon, rather than a photo. That image uploaded incorrectly. I haven’t figured out how to edit it, but with my ADD persistence, one day you’ll play the game, and all of the images will be there. Attention Deficit Disorder can be wonderful that way. We just keep trying and don’t give up!

Please use the forum to let me know what you think of the postcards and memory games. Would you like other postcards and games? Would you enjoy some new quizzes? What subjects would you like to see in articles? Your feedback is always welcome in the ADD forum.

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