Cover Page Layer Properties - Kwik 2

Cover Page Layer Properties - Kwik 2
In a previous tutorial, we set a few general options for our project. These settings will be carried over to each page of our book app. However, there are also several options that must be considered for each individual page of our book.

Page Properties

There are a few page properties that can be different for each page. We will come back to discuss each of these as we encounter them. For now, we need to consider the option to enable the swipe gesture for page navigation. Although all the pages of our book will be using the Back and Next buttons, some authors may have reason to use the swipe gesture on certain pages. Therefore, Kwik gives you the option to set this feature for each individual page.

Now we need to turn off the swipe gesture for the cover page. Still working in the Project and Pages category, click the Page Properties icon (second icon in the first row of tools under the Categories row) to open the Page Properties dialog box.

  1. We want the page to load at 100% scale and 100% alpha, so let's leave the default settings.

  2. We are using Next and Back buttons. So we will turn off the swipe gesture. Uncheck the box.

  3. This book is going to be free so we won't need the In-App Purchase feature. Leave that blank.

  4. Click Save.

Layer Properties - Cover Page Layers

Our next step is to set the Layer Properties for the background layer on the cover page. Select the bg_cover layer in the Layers panel. Remember that this is a solid graphic that covers the entire layer, so we will tell Kwik to export this image as a jpg, which has a much smaller file size than the default png format.

  1. We will need to switch to the Layers and Replacements category. Click on the second icon in the Categories row - Layers and Replacements.

  2. Click on the first icon under the Categories row - Layer Properties.

  3. In the Layer Properties dialog box, put a check in the box next to Export Image as .jpg. Click Save.

    The background layer is the only layer on the page that we need to export as a jpg. The other button layers will automatically be exported as png images. However, we do plan to use the Pages button on all pages. So we need to set the pagesbtn layer as a shared asset.

  4. With the pagesbtn layer selected, open the Layer Properties dialog box and put a check next to Save as Shared Asset option. You should see the layer name change to "kwkpagesbtn".

From the Photoshop Menubar, click File - Save to save your changes.

Now would be a good time to preview our app and see if Kwik gives us any error messages. In the Project Info section of the Kwik panel is a large rectangle next to the name of your project. Click the rectangle to preview your app.

  1. When the build process is complete, you will get a message telling you to change the project icons before submitting your app for approval.

  2. The Corona SDK program will open automatically. From the Corona SDK welcome screen, click the Simulator button and browse to your project folder. Inside your project folder will be a build folder. Inside the build folder will be the main.lua file. Select this file to open it into the Corona Simulator.

Our last step is to program the Music and Enter buttons. But we haven't imported the background audio or created any other pages yet. So we will need to return to finish these buttons later.

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These tutorials are for the older version of Kwik 2 and may not be much help when using Kwik 3 and above. If you are having trouble, please use the Kwik forum.

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