Insulin and Inulin in Healthy Foods

Insulin and Inulin in Healthy Foods
A visitor wrote me and asked why Entenmann's foods have insulin in them. The answer is that they don't! They have INULIN - which is a healthy fiber found in healthy fruits and vegetables.

Inulin is a GREAT source of healthy fiber, something all of us need in our diets to keep our bodies working properly. Technically inulin is a fructan. It is a normal, natural fiber which many plants build as part of their working structure.

In nature inulin is found in asparagus, garlic, artichokes, onion and other healthy vegetables and fruits.

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Inulin doesn't affect your blood sugar levels at all. It is neutral in that sense. In addition, inulin helps promote healthy bacteria It even helps your body absorb calcium!

A study done by the Children's Nutrition Research Center in Houston, Texas found that teenage girls who were fed inulin increased their calcium absorption by a full 20%! With calcium being very critical for bone health, this is something all of us should pay attention to.

Insulin, which some people confuse with inulin, is completely different. Insulin is a hormone created in our pancreas which impacts our metabolism. People who are diabetic often have great trouble managing their insulin levels.

Insulin and inulin have nothing at all to do with each other. Except I suppose that one has a letter S in it and the other one doesn't have that letter S.

So if you see a food product that has inulin in it, rejoice! You should definitely find ways to include inulin *naturally* in your diet, but if you get extra inulin in the treats that you indulge in as well, you get a double bonus.

Please ask if you have any confusion between insulin and inulin!

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