More Than 25 Activities for Kids with ADD

More Than 25 Activities for Kids with ADD
Summer is the time for families to appreciate a less hectic schedule. However, for a great summer, activities need to be scheduled in. Make a family plan with each person having input. Be sure that everybody gets to do some of what they enjoy.

If you need some ideas for activities, here is a list.

*Swimming at the local pool – swimming at the lake – visiting a water park.
*Skateboarding – going to a skateboard park.
*Bicycling around the neighborhood – taking a local bicycle path.
*Gymnastics or dance lessons.
*Martial arts lessons –(Tai Chi, judo, karate, capoeira).
*Yoga or meditation lessons.
*Visit local history museums.
*Work with clay. Find a ceramic studio.
*View art at the local galleries.
*Library trips to get books or attend special programs.
*Walk at an arboretum.
*Go play in the park or a local playground.
*Take a hike on a trail.
*Hit golf balls on a driving range – practice miniature golf.
*Play Frisbee in the park or your yard – learn disc golf or ultimate. Find the rules on Wikipedia.
*Find coloring pages on the internet and use your artistic talents.
*Learn Sudoku.
*Make a Word Search, print it out and share it with a friend.
*Play basketball, baseball, or football. A game of kickball of volleyball is good, too!
*Write a story about something that you are interested in.
*Research a topic that you have always wondered about.
*Build a garden.
*Create a water feature in your yard.
*Use plans and build bird or bat houses.
*Make jewelry.
*Take a class to learn a new skill. If there is not a class in your neighborhood, find videos on YouTube and teach yourself.
*Get involved with a local theater group. Go to see theater in the park productions.
*Learn a new skill with the computer.
*Gather board games and have a game marathon.
*Invent recipes with your favorite foods.
*Find your favorite old video series and watch it again from beginning to end.
*Learn to sing or play some of your favorite songs.
*Go to a campground and cook a meal.
*Go camping. Some parks have cabins for rent.
*Volunteer to help somebody who needs your assistance.

Kids with Attention Deficit Disorder are endlessly creative. Have them make their own list. What ideas does your family have for summer activities? Be sure to post them on the Attention Deficit Disorder Forum at BellaOnline. We would love to hear from you.

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