Book Marketing with ScreenFlow - Planning

Book Marketing with ScreenFlow - Planning
This video project tutorial is for making a marketing video for a book entitled Book Apps with Kwik. Because the book is about creating book apps, a screencast of a sample book app will be part of the video.

For this marketing video, there will be several design elements, including a 3D mockup of the book, an iPad mockup, screencast demos of the sample book app and the video titles. The finished video will be published to YouTubeTM with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

The book trailer will open with a short animation that reinforces the book subtitle "All you need is a mouse." This animation is used for all marketing trailers for this book series.

Although the visuals of the 3D mockup of the book and the iPad book app demo give a good impression, it will be the video titles that tells the potential customer just what the book is about. The first step is to brainstorm a list of the most important facts that you want to tell the audience about the book.

The book trailer is planned to have five scenes and each screen or shot in the video will have video titles or phrases that tell the audience what is important about this book. After brainstorming for text phrases, the next step is to decided which phrases from the list will make it into the video and how these phrases will be grouped. Each shot in the video will represent a major aspect of the book, progressing from the major purpose of the book to details of what you will learn. The first and last shot will personalize the marketing to the customer with a “You can do this” call to action.

  1. Brand opening animation, sometimes called a bumper or intro.
  2. You can make your own book app with Kwik
  3. The book will teach you how to make a book app template
  4. The template will have navigation, background music and sound effects
  5. The template will have animation, interaction and special effects
  6. With this book you can turn your story into a book app, when and where to get the book

  • Brand opening animation.

  • Shot 1:
    Image: 3D book mockup
    Make your own storybook app
    with Photoshop and Kwik
    No code needed

  • Shot 2:
    Image: 3D book mockup
    Build a reusable template
    for your own storybook apps
    Clear step-by-step instructions

  • Shot 3
    Image: iPad mockup with sample book app - first screencast demo
    Header: Build a reusable template
    Navigation menu
    Background music
    Sound effects

  • Shot 4
    Image: iPad mockup with sample book app - second screencast demo
    Header: Build a reusable template
    Special effects

  • Shot 5
    Image: 3D book mockup
    Book Apps with Kwik
    Turn your story into a book app
    Coming Fall 2013
    Publishers URL

    Once the text is determined, it’s time to create the images and video clips (screencast demos) for the project. Creating the 3D mockup from the book cover design is easy using a free Photoshop action from PSDCovers (see link below). The 3D mockup of the iPad is also created from a PSDCovers PhotoshopR action. The blank screen of the iPad will be replaced with the screencast of the book app demos. The demos of the sample book apps will recorded directly from the Corona simulator using ScreenFlow.

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