Combining Text and Graphics in ScreenFlow

Combining Text and Graphics in ScreenFlow
In the last tutorial, you learned how to add text to a marketing video short in ScreenFlow. Now we will build the company logo with a combination of text and an imported logo graphic.

First, we will import the logo graphic script dC. The rest of the design elements in the logo can be duplicated with the Text and Annotations tools in ScreenFlow. Once the logo is built onto the Timeline, we can covert those tracks containing the logo elements into a nested track, which will make animating the logo as one object mush easier.

The logo animation is a simple fade in, with the logo already in the final position on the canvas. The fade in will begin at 1.5 seconds from the beginning of the Timeline and end at the 3 second point, making the duration 1.5 seconds.

  1. With the Scrubber at the 1.5 second point on the Timeline, click Insert - Choose to import the graphic. The graphic will be placed in the center of the canvas. Now that we have the graphic, we can set the duration of the animation by dragging the left edge of the track to begin at the .5 second point on the Timeline and extending the right edge of the track to the end of the Timeline.

    In order to place the graphic at the bottom of the curve, we need to have the curve visible on the canvas. Move the Scrubber to the 4 second point on the Timeline, which is after the curved line is drawn on the canvas. Now we can drag the graphic in the dip of the curve. Leave the graphic track at the top of the Timeline. We will be combining all the tracks associated with the company logo and url into a nested track.

    Again I am using the font that is part of the logo and not a sans-serif font, which is better for video. We will use a text box to complete the company name in the logo. Why? Usually, text created with the native text tool is sharper on the canvas than an imported text graphic.

    With the Scrubber still at the 4 second point, add a text box, type in the rest of the company name and set the properties in the Text pane, as you did in the previous tutorial (see links below).

    Font: Edwardian Script ITC font
    Size: 64
    Alignment: Left Justified
    Fill: Solid Color
    Outline: No
    Backdrop: None

  2. To set the text to the brand color, open the Color pane by clicking the Fill color box. Click the Color Sliders icon at the top of the color box to display the slider controls. Use the drop-down menu to set the RGB slider, so that we can set the custom color with the RGB values.

    Red: 174
    Green: 83
    Blue: 135

  3. Now drag the text box to the right of the graphic.

In the company logo, we have a line under the company name. We can use ScreenFlow’s Annotations feature to draw this line.

ScreenFlow screenshots used by permission of Telestream.

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