Teen Party Safety Plan

Teen Party Safety Plan
October is a time of fun and games, trick or treating, homecoming, happy Halloween parties to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Parents need to discuss with preteens and teens that when at a party to be aware of their surroundings. At times people invite someone to a party to set them up to be assaulted.

There are many ways that a party goer may be tricked by people he or she believes are friends, but instead are just casual acquaintances. If someone wants to sexually assault a person at a party there are unfortunately many ways to gain control of the person’s mind and body.

There are drugs on the market used to make someone incoherent, called date rape drugs. The drug is slipped in to a drink and then given to the intended victim. Once he or she becomes woozy, disorientated or physically ill they are at a grave disadvantage. For one he or she may believe only that they are feeling ill, not realizing that someone placed a drug or chemical into their drink.

In addition to disorientating a person the date rape drugs cause a kind of amnesia for the next 24 hours or so. It is at this time that the person may be taken into a room to lie down for a while until he or she feels better. That is also when they are very vulnerable to being exploited sexually. With the date rape drugs many people never remember anything that happens.

That is until, they wake up, are naked, are in a strange place, or have bruises or injuries they cannot remember how they were obtained. Another way a victim of sexual assault and exploitation may discover what happened is by finding photos on a cell phone of them in compromising positions or with someone having sex with them.

What can one do to protect themselves from becoming a victim? Go to a party with a friend. Agree not to leave the party without the other person, no matter what! Watch out for each other at the party. Do not accept a drink from someone you do not know. Drink from sealed bottles of water or soda. When you open your drink, stop and listen for the pop and the hiss as you open up the beverage.

If you leave a drink unattended for any reason or turn your back for a minute do not take any chances, discard the beverage and obtain a new one. If you feel uncomfortable with the people at the party then leave. Listen to that voice that is warning you that something is not right. When you leave remember to leave with your party buddy. Party buddies stay together and look out for each other. There is safety in numbers. Have fun, but be safe.

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