The Attention Deficit Disorder Gift List

The Attention Deficit Disorder Gift List
What are the "gifts" of Attention Deficit Disorder? Each of us has a different definition of what we consider as a gift. In the Attention Deficit Forum at BellaOnline, I asked readers what they consider as the gifts of ADD. Then, I added my own ideas. The result is an often quirky list of traits that can enrich our lives. In no particular order, here are some of the gifts that we appreciate

The ADD Gift List.
*Spontaneous conversationalists
*Nimble imagination and playfulness
*Tremendous sense of fun
*Relentless (This can be a great thing when you have a project to finish!)
*Night owl (Although this might not be seen as a gift by some!)*
*Rowdy friend-rambunctious
*Edgy sense of humor
*Remarkable problem solving
*Great resourcefulness-clever
*Strong sense of justice.
*Responds to rewards
*Greeting life with enthusiasm-grinning-tactile-kinesthetic
*Extra sensory perception
*Gobs of energy-exuberant-tireless-revved up
*Grand Ideas
*Super intuition
*Natural gregariousness-scintillating
*Eager for life-excited
*Sensational skills using materials in a novel way to solve a problem.
*Strong willed-determined-resolute
*Lively spirit-unconventional style
*Productive-tenacious-a multi-tasker

Which of the gifts of ADD do you treasure most? I am thankful for my creativity and the ability to use materials in a novel way to solve a problem. A few years ago, when some of my students were having trouble keeping their pants up, I found a way to keep the pants at the waistline by using plastic grocery bags! Now, that's remarkable problem solving.

Embrace your gifts! They bring the world to your hands! In a season where it is traditional to give thanks for the blessings that we have received, I give thanks for the gifts of Attention Deficit Disorder. These traits have led me along unconventional and interesting paths. They have enriched my life with intuition, enthusiasm, and a sense of fun, plus youthful energy. One of my students once said, "You have a light spirit." That just about says it all.

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This is a ground-breaking book that asks parents to look at their children with loving eyes and to help them transform their negative traits of ADD to gifts. I highly recommend it.

Superparenting for ADD: An Innovative Approach to Raising Your Distracted Child

When you need a lot of information about ADD, go to Dr. Hallowell for easy to read and authoritative facts. This is one of the best books on ADD that I've ever read. It tells about children, college age students, and adults. This is another one that I had to buy for myself!

Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder

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