Dexas GrippMats Cutting Mats

Dexas GrippMats Cutting Mats
A key to maintaining a low carb lifestyle is to be able to easily cook and prepare fresh food. The Dexas GrippMats are a wonderful part of this. Here's why.

Dexas GrippMats Cutting Mats First, you get four of them, in four colors. So there's no reason to have to reach for a used one just because you haven't run the dishwasher yet or done your sink of dishes. There should always be a fresh, clean mat within reach.

The mats have a grippy bottom, so they cling to your counter well. They don't slip. That makes it easier to safely cut vegetables and meats.

They dishwash, so you can pop them into the dishwasher for the next use. It's always important to wash cutting boards with hot, soapy water between use to remove any risk of contamination or bacteria.

They try to encourage you to always use the same color mat for the same purpose. Purple for cheese, green for vegetables, yellow for poultry, and red for beef. I don't agree with that. If you did that, then you might not have the "right color" clean for use, and then what do you do? To me, it's just important to use a new CLEAN one, whatever its color is. The clean part is critical.

Some people don't understand why this is so important. Isn't a cutting board just a cutting board? But here's what happens.

Say that you're making a chicken dish. So first you cut up the raw chicken on a cutting board, and put it into the pan. You thoroughly cook the chicken. So the chicken is safe to eat.

That cutting board has raw chicken bits on it.

Now say five minutes later you cut up celery on the same cutting board, to use in your salad. That celery is now coated with raw chicken bits! You could be poisoned by that raw chicken. The cutting board itself was contaminated and hadn't been washed yet.

So it's very important that when you use a cutting board *during a cooking session* for raw meat that it be put into the sink and not used for anything else until it's thoroughly washed. Not just rinsed, not just wiped down. Thoroughly washed with hot water and soap.

So, with that being said, we like our Dexas Grippmats very much and would buy more of them should these wear out. So far, they're lasting like champs.

We bought our mats with our own funds, because they looked useful. And they are.

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