Polar Premium Club Soda

Polar Premium Club Soda
Polar Premium Club Soda gives you a zero-carb, zero-calorie drink base that's great for mixing a variety of drinks.

Polar Premium Club Soda Let's start with the basics. Club Soda is really just fizzy mineral water. There's a little salt in there, in this case 10mg per 8 ounce serving. That's a standard of water from minerally springs. Club soda is also known as seltzer water or soda water. It's bubbly water. It's the basis for many sodas.

Don't confuse club soda with tonic water. Tonic water has quinine in it. That's a quite bitter flavor. Club soda is just water with a bit of salt, so it should taste like bubbly water.

When I travel, especially on cruises, they often have a "soda plan" which only has drinks on it which are sugary, caffeinated, or both. As I try to avoid sugar and caffeine, this leaves me with club soda as my remaining option. So it's a good idea both to get used to the flavor of club soda and to find ways to liven it up.

Here is where all those cool sugar-free water flavor options come in! We have tried many of them over the years. Sure, some are chemically in flavor, but many are absolutely tasty. RedRose makes a variety of tea flavors which are good. Minute Made makes lemonade. And, of course, if you have access to real lemons and limes, you can make a nice, bubbly drink in no time flat.

You could, of course, do that with still water as well. However, in some parts of the world they are known for taking tap water, putting it into a plastic bottle, and selling it as bottled still water. With club soda you at least know it's carbonated :). That would have taken them a little more effort, to carbonate a still water and then get it into the bottle. It's a step toward ensuring you're getting what you want to get.

To come back around to the Polar Premium Club Soda, it tastes good on its own, and it does well mixing in with a variety of flavors we have in the house. So I'd recommend this as part of your hydration plan. It lets you mix things up and have a variety of things to drink that you enjoy.

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