Red Rose Blackcurrant Raspberry Flavoring

Red Rose Blackcurrant Raspberry Flavoring
Red Rose Blackcurrant Raspberry Flavoring comes in an easy-to-carry little container and lets you add instant, 5 calorie flavors to your water.

Red Rose Blackcurrant Raspberry Flavoring When I travel, I avoid sugar and caffeine. I can't drink wine all day, either :). Often that just leaves water, and drinking water all day long can get a bit bland. Especially if you're having it with a meal.

So many options I've tried are chemically flavored, so I was thrilled when I came across this Red Rose Blackcurrant Raspberry water flavoring. Red Rose is known as a tea maker - the tea bag kind. So they know all about the science of flavoring water. It makes sense that they'd do a great job with this water-flavor variety!

The little container is smaller than most, so it's easy to carry, and it has a full 24 servings worth of liquid within it. So it'll flavor 24 8-oz glasses. It has no fat, no cholesterol, no sodium, no protein, and only 1g of carbs. It also has no vitamins :).

It doesn't have to be refrigerated, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. I love its small size so it pops right in my purse. Some of the other water flavor packages can be fairly large. It's gluten-free, too.

What else. The package is great, the size is small, the flavor is great, there's only 5 calories and 1g of carbs. The ingredients are fairly natural - filtered water, tea blend, honey, hibiscus. Yes, it does have sucralose, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate in it, but in the world of modern food that's really not that bad. And that stuff is found in pretty much all the drink mixes out there.

So, to summarize, I love this. This is one of my go-to options for flavoring water. It works great with both still water and club soda. Over ice and at room temperature. Definitely bring one with you when you travel and keep one in your car. It'll give you options when water is your only choice!

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