Vitamin Water Zero Acai-Blueberry Pomegranate

Vitamin Water Zero Acai-Blueberry Pomegranate
Vitamin Water Zero Drops - Acai-Blueberry Pomegranate tries to hit every trigger for a water flavorer. Vitamins. Low calorie. Cool ingredients. How does it do?

Vitamin Water Zero Drops - Acai-Blueberry Pomegranate To give some background, I tend to find a lot of these water flavor units chemically tasting. So before I got to the Vitamin Water, I'd actually been thrilled to find Red Rose and Minute Made water flavors. Both have fresh, delicious flavors. I was beginning to think that maybe the chemically issues were a thing of the past and that water flavor makers had figured this all out.

Then I got to the Vitamin Water Zero Drops.

Wow. It just tastes chemically. I thought I put in too much. So I tried with less. Then I tried with more. No matter what I did, there's just this chemically flavor to it.

The container is much larger than just about any other water flavor I've tried - and it makes less end result, too! You only get 18 servings with this.

Yes, there are zero calories and 0g of carbs in this. But I would far rather have the 1g / 5 calorie other options out there that taste great, vs having to drink this to save those 5 calories. Heck, walking to the sink to pour this out probably burns 5 calories right there.

There are vitamins in this. Yes. You get 10% of your B6, 10% of your B12, and 10% of your Pantothenic Acid. So you'd have to drink 10 glasses a day to get your full minimum amount of those? I'd much rather take a normal vitamin, be sure to have 100% of all of those vitamins (plus others) and be drinking things I enjoy.

On an up note, this does have a gorgeous fuscia color. So if your aim is to make pretty colors in glasses, this is your stuff here.

I really wish I could give this a better review. It had a nice theory behind it. But I just can't bring myself to drink it any more. My tests, at least with my palate, are just not working, whether in soda water or plain water, in small doses or large.

Your mileage may vary!

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