21 Ways to Enhance Your Life with ADD

21 Ways to Enhance Your Life with ADD
There are hundreds of ways to improve or enhance your life when you have Attention Deficit Disorder. Here is a short list.

1. Find a medical practitioner who understands living with Attention Deficit Disorder.
2. Meditate on a daily basis. Find a meditation technique that works for you.
3. Spend time in wide-open green spaces.
4. Use rewards to help you get things done in your life. A reward is something that you really desire, not an item or activity that somebody else thinks is "good for you." Use the technique, "When I get this done, I will…" Insert an object or activity that you really want to complete that sentence.
5. Work with your medical practitioner to discover a medication that works for you. Take it regularly.
6. Make your home your sanctuary. It should be a place of peace where you can take care of yourself.
7. Locate a job that uses your gifts and talents and minimizes the effects of the negative symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder.
8. Identify music to help you regulate your energy. Develop play lists for cleaning, relaxing, exercise, and any other activities that you need an aid to get you going.
9. Adjust your sleep schedule, so that you can have the optimum amount of sleep to let your get through your day. Get a sleep routine going that helps you go to sleep and stay asleep. Use white noise, if you need to.
10. Minimize distractors. You know what I mean!
11. Reduce those activities that cause you anxiety.
12. Eat well. Develop your knowledge of nutrition. Find what works for you. Eating nutritious meals in the correct amounts can increase energy and stamina.
13. Be mindful. Appreciate the moment.
14. Keep a journal to allow you to see the big picture in your life.
15. Plan some meals that are nourishing, quick, and easy.
16. Take time to organize your life. Do it incrementally, so that you don't get overwhelmed. Start with the parts that bother you the most. Take care of them, and then move on.
17. Hang out with people who are a positive influence and care for you. If people bring you down or put you down, eliminate them from your life.
18. Get rid of expensive habits that don't enhance your life.
19. Take a class or learn a new skill that interests you. Use your ADD energy creatively.
20. Forgive your mistakes. They are learning tools. Appreciate mistakes for what they are, an opportunity to improve.
21. Be kind to yourself. The world that we live in will beat you up enough. You should strive to do those activities that will be beneficial.

What are your favorite techniques for living well with Attention Deficit Disorder? Share them with the BellaOnline community by posting in the Attention Deficit Disorder Forum.

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