Overweight Walking Plan

 Overweight Walking  Plan
If you are reading this you consider yourself overweight and you have decided to do something about it. Experts recommend that we walk for 30 minutes a day at least five times a week to reap the benefits of increased exercise. This may be a difficult task for many but the secret is to start small and build up gradually.
For a healthy lifestyle it is important to be active in our daily lives. If you are overweight you may find activity difficult and consequently your fitness levels have dropped so embarking on a walking program may be daunting. Walking regularly is the cheapest and easiest form of exercise and is a good way to lose weight when done in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet. However do not be discouraged if you have been inactive as you can start small and increase your time and distance as you feel able.
Before you get started on a walking program you can do a lot at home and at work to prepare yourself. Make a commitment to yourself that you will try to be more active. Try to increase activity during your normal daily chores. This will prepare you to start a walking program which will help you lose weight.and start you on a healthier daily routine. The first most important thing is to want to do this. Every step counts so buy a pedometer. and keep track. A pedometer is a small device that straps on to your pants and counts your steps. We are recommended to take 10,000 steps every day.

In the Home:
Walk more – turn off the TV manually instead of using the zapper from your armchair. Make two or three journeys to put away the laundry instead of just one.
Walk around during the TV commercials. Walk around as you talk on the phone. Walk around and admire your garden – several times! Walk as you drink your morning coffee. Stand up as you iron or prepare vegetables. If you think you will find many more daily activities where you can fit in an extra few steps.

At Work:
You can also find many instances at work where you can walk and get in some extra steps. For some examples click here . The object of the exercise is to strengthen those leg muscles and prepare you to walk on a daily basis.
When you have consciously tried every day to build extra steps into your daily routine you are ready to start a walking program . As you are only going to walk for five minutes every day find a location near your home or place of work and walk. Start and walk two and a half minutes and then turn back. Walk at a comfortable pace, holding your head up and looking straight ahead. Obese walkers should stroll .
When you have done this faithfully for two weeks you will be ready to embark on a more demanding program.

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