Aquafit Exercise and Menopause

Aquafit Exercise and Menopause
Is there really such a thing as gentle exercise that gets results? Absolutely! Aquafit, or exercising in water, provides a superb workout with little or no impact on your body. Young or old, aquafit exercise benefits almost everyone. Indoors or outdoors, working out in the pool can be done all year long. Take the plunge and find out more about this great way to keep fit and have a lot of fun.

Always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine, particularly if you have been inactive for some time.

Not a swimmer? Not a problem because aquafit workouts can be done by swimmers and non-swimmers. Sounds impossible? Aquafit offers many options for the shallow end of the pool for those who prefer to stay out of the deep end. But even deep water aquafit is possible for non-swimmers because you wear a suspension belt the entire time. This belt keeps you buoyant in the water without the fear of sinking during the workout. An added bonus to working out in the deep water is that your feet will never touch the bottom of the pool, meaning even less impact on the body. Plus you can achieve an even greater range of motion with deep water exercises.

Aquafit exercise covers a range of programs from gentle therapeutic motions in the water to more vigorous workouts. Those new to working out will enjoy a smooth workout in a fun environment that emphasizes physical gain – without the pain. From simple leg lifts and walking in the shallow end, to a cardiovascular workout in the deep end there is an exercise routine for almost everyone young or old.

Benefits of working in water:
Gentle: Working out in water is easier on joints, bones and muscles than working out on land or other hard surfaces. Movements are done more easily in the water without the jolts or impacts of regular workouts such as aerobics or high-impact runs. Water also massages your body to help improve circulation.

Effective: Don’t let the easiness fool you; this is still a workout! The resistance created by moving in the water will improve muscle strength and tone. Even people with limited range of motion will tend to notice that they have increased mobility in the water.

Cooling: Hate getting overheated during exercise? Working out in the cooling environment of a pool protects you against becoming overheated or fatigued. This lets you workout for a longer period of time, increasing your endurance.

(Note: It is still essential to keep hydrated by drinking water; you will perspire but will not notice it as you would during a workout on land.)

Burn calories: You can burn about seven calories a minute working out in the water and up to 75% of those will be from fat. Compare this to working out on land where you will burn ten calories a minute but only 50% of those will be fat calories. Depending on your level of workout, you can burn anywhere from 450 to 700 calories in a one-hour class.

Check with your local Y or recreational pool to learn more about the types of aquafit programs offered in your area. No matter what your fitness level, aquafit exercise will improve your flexibility, endurance, and strength. You can have fun while exercising; everybody into the pool!

Menopause, Your Doctor, and You

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