Holiday Gifts and ADD

Holiday Gifts and ADD
Holidays can be hectic, even if you don’t have Attention Deficit Disorder. There are special events and family favorite foods. It’s a time to remember those who are closest to us and those that we’ve lost touch with.

Sometimes ADD makes it hard to remember things, but I love to remember my friends with gifts. In these tough times it is hard to get gifts for all of the people that I want to remember. Many of us have plenty of material possessions, and personally, I don’t want friends and family to spend money on presents for me. But I get a lovely little tingle when somebody that I care about remembers me with a gift.

This morning I had an absolute ADD brainstorm. You know those ideas that hit you like a bolt of lightening? I figured out how to get wonderful gifts for everybody on my list. It gets better! The gifts don’t cost me any money, and they are tailored to each person’s preferences. Plus, the gifts are green. They don’t take up space or pollute.

A BellaOnline Bundle is the perfect gift for anybody with access to a computer and who has a prowling, creative mind. BellaOnline Bundle?? Let me tell you how to build one—or several.

BellaOnline has so many different features and interesting websites. One of the features is the postcard gallery that is shown on the left side of main page. There are postcards for every taste, and they can be personalized. Select a postcard that a friend will enjoy. Write a personal note to let them know that you are thinking of them and remembering the joys of your friendship. Go through the alphabetical list of the BellaOnline websites. You know what your friend likes. Find 3-5 websites that focus on her hobbies and passions. Copy and paste the website urls beneath your note on the postcard. Sign the card, and send it off to your friend’s inbox.

Below are the directions for making a BellaOnline bundle.

*Open a browser window and go to BellaOnline. On the left side of the page, find Daily Click.
*Click on Postcards. Find one that your friend would like.
*Click on the postcard's thumbnail picture, and it brings up the postcard.
*Fill out the information and write your personal message.
*Open a second browser window and go to BellaOnline.
*Just above the Editor Recommended area (toward the bottom of the page) is an alphabetical site listing.
*Click on one site that your friend might like. Copy and paste the URL into your holiday postcard.
*Repeat until you have found all of the sites that you want. You’ve made a bundle of BellaOnline sites, or as I like to call it, a BellaOnline Bundle.
*Add any special touches like music, and then send it off! Easy!

BellaOnline has something for everyone! From Body Art to Body Image. There are sites for Japanese Food, Indian Food, Thai Food, and Southern Cooking. We have sites for many kinds of crafts, gardening, music, culture, and sports.

Let BellaOnline help you maintain your holiday sanity. Give each of your special friends and family members their very own BellaOnline Bundle. For those who might want information about ADD, I invite you to add the Attention Deficit Disorder site to their bundles. Have a wonderful and peaceful holiday season.

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