The verb Ser

The verb Ser
Spanish verbs "Ser" and "Estar" are both translated as “To be”. The differences in use between these two Spanish verbs is a difficult point for a lot students of Spanish. Through this lesson we’ll review and learn how to use the verb “Ser”.

First of all, let’s conjugate Ser:

VERB "SER" (Present tense)

Yo soy (I am)
eres (You are)
Él es (He is )
Ella es (She is)
Nosotros somos (We are)
Vosotros sois (You are)
Ellos son (They are)

(Spanish verbs show different forms depending on the person (subject). In English, there are not many differences, as you can see: are, am and is. In Spanish every form is different. )

But when should we use “Ser”? Below you’ll find some general helpful rules:

1. “Ser” is used to show a quality:

El niño es alto. (The boy is tall)
Nosotros somos inteligentes. (We are intelligent)

The verbs in these sentences are: "es" and “somos”.

2. The verb "Ser" can also indicate property (if followed by a possessive pronoun):

Los libros son míos. (The books are mine)

3. This verb is also used to introduce oneself, i.e.:

Yo soy Angeles. (I am Angeles – My name is Angeles)

4. “Ser” is also used to express the date, day and time.

¿Qué hora es? Son las cuatro.. (What time is it? It is four o’clock)
Hoy es miércoles. (Today is Wednesday)

5. To express occupation:

Yo soy un estudiante. (I am a student)
Tu eres médico. (You are a doctor)

6. The verb “Ser” is also used to express origin or nationality:

Nosotros somos de España. (We are from Spain)
Vosotros sois mejicanos. (You are Mexican)

7. Ser also is used to express religious / political / ideological relationship.

Ella es hindú. (She is Hindu)
Ellas son comunistas. (They –feminine- are communists)

8. Another use of “Ser”: to tell the material something is made of:

La casa es de madera. (The house is made of wood)

9. Ser is used to express the relashion between people:

Ana es mi madre. (Ana is my mother)

Those nine points are the basic ones, if we want to use the verb Ser correctly.
Anyway, remember I’m here to help you with any question or comment you may have. Feel free to e-mail me or just post a message at the message board.

Have a nice week!


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