Live Life Aggressively – Book Review

Live Life Aggressively – Book Review
This book was fast reading, and I loved it. Mike Mahler vocalizes concepts that I though about but kept to myself. Although there were some typos and grammar mistakes in this version, these can be overlooked because of the substance of the book. I have not read too many self-help books, but I am glad this is one of the few. I did not see this book as offensive or unfair, even though I did not agree with everything Mike says. I found it refreshing and was cheering because there are other people in the world who actually think about what they are doing in their lives instead of blindly following the crowd.

I do not have quite the courage or business acumen to leave my job, but I know that I rationalize staying just where I am like many other people. This book is straightforward, inspiring, and honest. I know I need to find a direction so that the sea of life does not wash over me. Mike Mahler describes how he loves to teach and help people. So many self-help books are overly positive, and it is impossible to be positive all the time. The book describes how to use your own negativity to get your life in gear before it too late. If you do not want to have regrets when you retire, this is the book for you. It is tough to find a direction sometimes, but once you find it, read this book. It will give you the kick you need to get going.

I found it very encouraging that many people are stuck in jobs or situations that they do not suit them. I am sure our economy has influenced this, but maybe this book will inspire those who have been procrastinating to take action. Mike has accomplished his goals from the ground up and keeps on creating. Mikes uses real-life examples of famous people who achieved their success through hard work. He also uses examples of failures and employment in which he was not successful himself, and he shares a story from his childhood. He encourages you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and be strong, both mentally and physically. There is a comprehensive list of resources for further study in the back of the book: a very thoughtful touch to end this “go-get-'em” book.

Mike encourages the use of feelings of pressure to help us perform our best and take responsibility for our own lives. He also suggests ways to deal with stress, which we will inevitably feel when we make changes in our lives. He explains the difference between instant pleasure and deeper gratification, the gratification sustains us because we help others and feel a deeper, lasting satisfaction. He also states that we will suffer when we make changes in our lives, which will make most of us run right back to where we started; however, it is this suffering that will help us make the profound steps most of us need to get on the right track of life.

I wish this book had been available earlier when I had more courage and time to make big changes. I was fortunate to get a free copy. I have become more set in my ways; yet, these habits have helped me thus far in my life. Who knows, after reading this book, I may be able to move on to a more productive mind set that will carry me through the rest of my life. Mike Mahler has certainly helped me to know that there are other “thinkers” out there, and this encouraged me right off the bat. Read this book even if you think you do not need to make life changes, or are happy with your life. Maybe you will be encouraged to make little changes to make your happy life more fulfilling.

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