Burning Calories in Winter

Burning Calories in Winter
If you have resolved to lose weight or get in better shape, cold weather can be one of your best friends. Don’t fall for the thinking trap that its cold and you can’t get outside. Many winter sports and activities are calorie torchers. The cold weather combined with muscle movement cause winter activity to be an even faster way to burn calories.

Not only can you burn calories, these activities are also weight-bearing exercises that can help keep your bones strong. Getting your children involved will help them get necessary exercise and encourage their bone development as well.

Here is a list of some winter sports and activities, with the calorie burn that happens in half an hour for a 150 pound person. Pick your favorite activities or try a new one to help you reach your fitness goals.

Curling: 136.3 calories
Similar to shuffleboard, curling is a team sport in which large stones are moved across ice towards a target area. Thought to have originated in ancient Scotland, curling requires a great deal of skill, thought and teamwork. Curling has been called chess on ice for a reason. Newcomers will find the sport challenging, yet enjoyable.

Cross-country skiing vigorous: 306.8 light: 238.6
This is great aerobic full body excercise. The upper leg muscles in particular get an excellent workout. If you have never cross country skied before, look into lessons or a clinic in your local area. See teh link at the bottom of this article to find tips for affordable gear.

Downhill skiing: 272.7 moderate: 204.5
Even with time on a lift, downhill skiing is still great exercise. Lessons at ski areas and resorts will get you introduction you need. Equipment is often easy to rent. If you enjoy downhill skiing and haven’t gone in a while, you have a great reason to go – your health.

Snowshoeing: 272.7
Less expensive than most winter sports, snowshoeing is also among the easiest to learn. Get out and see nature and the outdoors at a time of year that will make what is familiar in the summer seem totally new in the winter.

Sledding: 238.6
This simple and fun way to enjoy anyplace with a slope and some snow will also torch calories. This is a great activity for you and your kids!

Shoveling snow: 204.5
Knowing you are burning more calories while keeping the driveway clear will make this chore a little easier to do. Think twice before handing snow shoveling off to the kids, you may want the benefits for yourself.

Operating a snow blower: 153.4
For those that just can’t bear to shovel, your snow blower will still get you a great workout.

Playing with kids, vigorous effort: 170.7
This doesn’t include the extra calories burned when playing in cold weather. Great for bonding, your family mood, and your own health!

Tips for finding affordable equipment are at Discount Gear Tips

All calorie use was calculated at Fitness Partner, https://www.primusweb.com/fitnesspartner/calculat.htm

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