Teacher Questionnaire for SSI eligibility

Teacher Questionnaire for SSI eligibility
Every three years or so SSI reviews the cases of people who receive SSI to make sure they are still eligible. For school aged children a questionnaire is sent to the school. Forms could also be sent to social workers, Doctors and therapists.

Since the special education teacher at the time was brand new he mentioned to me that he had received the forms to complete in regard to Nicholas. With the assistance of the Assistant Principal the forms were completed and returned directly to SSI.

I requested a copy from the teacher and compiled a list of some of the pertinent questions to help other parents know beforehand what will be required of the teachers. Quite often parents and teachers are at odds and not in agreement over issues pertaining to the IEP, Behavior Support Plans and other school related issues. To have a teacher influence such an important matter that should be personal to the family of the child on the Autism Spectrum is disturbing to me.

We have taken part in studies through various non-profit organizations with a few of them sending forms for teachers to fill out. I have requested teachers to give me a copy of these and keep them in my file for reference. There was one study that paid the teacher, yet the families received nothing in return. I was not over enthused about that study, but did submit the paperwork to the teachers.

This form should be completed by the person(s) most familiar with the child's overall functioning.

Name of school
How long have you known, or did you know, this child
How often, and for how long, do you, or did you, see this child
Actual grade level
functional grade level
other names by which the child is known
is there, or were there, an unusual amount of absenteeism
dominant language

On the following pages, please compare this child's funcitoning to that of same-aged children who do not have impairments

If the child is in Special Education, please be sure to compare his or her functioning to that of same-aged children who are in regular education

I. Acquiring and using information

Rating key for activities listed - 1, no problem, 2 a slight problem, 3 an obvious problem, 4 a serious problem or 5 a very serious problem

Understanding school and content vocabulary
learning new material
expressing ideas in written form
comprehending oral instructions

II. Attending and completing tasks

waiting to take turns
paying attention when spoken to directly
working without distracting self or others

III. Interacting and relating with others

taking turns in a conversation
following rules
asking permission

IV. Moving about and manipulating objects

showing a sense of body location and movement in space
integrating sensory input with motor output

V. Caring for himself or herself

handling frustration appropriately
taking care of personal hygiene
being patient when necessary

VI. medical conditions and modifications/health and physical well-being

hearing aids
miss school due to illness

VII additional comments

Every year there is a financial review for those receiving SSI. Since the amount of the check is based on income and not disability, all changes relating to income need to be sent to SSI. There are reporting requirements that need to be adhered to. I receive a letter each month requesting paystubs for the previous month.

You can either mail the originals and wait for them to be returned, or go to their office monthly and wait for it to be done manually by a representative. The time spent is no more than thirty minutes, which is mostly waiting with the time dependent on the arrival and time of month at the office.

Some of the changes to be reported include marital status, school attendance, anything of value you now own, rent increase, income increase or decrease and someone moving into your home or out of your home.

When there are changes to the monthly stipend and money is owed, most likely you will have an overpayment. This is the case for my children with a pre-set amount being deducted each month to pay this charge. When money is owed him they put it toward the over payment.

Currently I have an appeal on both accounts due to some errors I noted in August letters mailed out that were 33 pages long. It has been over a month and still nothing has been received in the mail regarding these appeals. When I was at the office reporting my income it was noted that the appeals are pending.

Future articles will cover the appeal process, eligibility and health checkups for keeping SSI and the In home Supportive Services Program (IHSS). I am the IHSS worker for Matthew and will explain what this entails and how one can become a worker for their child or spouse. Nicholas has been to see a Psychologist prior to receiving SSI and the last health review he was sent to a Speech Pathologist. Matthew has not been required to see any Professionals.


Behavior Support Planning

The Pros and Cons of Assessments

Puberty and Hygiene

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