DDR Extreme Dancing Fun

DDR Extreme Dancing Fun
If you're a dancing fool, you have GOT to try this game. Not only is it a DDR dancing game - but it also includes the EyeToy camera functionality for full body fun!

The basic game is the same as normal DDR, and doesn't involve the camera. You get a batch of 65 games to dance with, either alone or with a friend. The more you play, the more songs you unlock.

But the best part in this game is the extra games with the eye-toy. There's a basic dancing version that lets you watch yourself dance, which can be fun. But the best games involve a combination of hand and foot movements. My favorite involves a series of dance steps AND two hand spots you have to hit in time with the music. It is a brilliant combination and really gets you thinking about moving and balancing. There's another game that requires you to 'sweep the screen' to keep it clean, so you can see what the foot movements are. It doesn't require as much coordination but is also fun.

You also get a few mini-games that are just about the eye-toy, that let you play breakout and catch-the-coconuts using your body. Even though these might seem silly, they make amazingly fun party games.

As with most of these games, a lot of the fun involves how much you enjoy the songs they play. I have to say that I personally wasn't thrilled with the song mix in here. I realize that in the US there are all sorts of licensing issues, but I would have to think that bands would be THRILLED to be on this mix and get thousands of new fans from the players. But instead there were only a few songs I really loved. Many of them were ones that I've seen on every other mix, like YMCA. So I really wish they would include more songs - or more of a mix of songs from various music styles.

But even just playing my favorite songs over and over again is great fun - and the scoring helps encourage you to keep going to get that better score. The game gets difficult enough that you have to truly work on the game quite a bit - and be in excellent shape - which can't be said about most games out there!

Highly recommended!

5/5 stars

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