jetBook ~ A Review

jetBook ~ A Review
The jetBook is one of the newer eBook Readers to impact the market. The jetBook uses reflexive LCD screens as opposed to the popular e-Ink technology. Screen size is 5" as opposed to the popular 6". It is lightweight and feels good in the hand and fits into most pockets, therefore, very portable.

When I opened the box for the first time I was immediately impressed. Coming pre-oaded with 50 eBooks sorted in 15 different categories, you will be reading to read immediately. Package contents include ear plugs, wall charger, USB charger/connector and travel case. There is an ‘instruction' pamphlet to facilitate setting up your jetBook that is easy to understand. I was able to uploaded additional book quickly.

I charged the device overnight as recommended by the general instructions. When I got up the next morning I turned the jetBook on by holding the power button for 3 seconds. The jetBook came to life easily and quickly. The main screen appeared where I had four choices: Books, Audio Books, Pictures or Settings. As I went through the day I carried my jetBook with me to the beach, restaurant and bathtub, reading at every opportunity. Each time I turned it on, the page I last read immediately displayed. It was enjoyable reading with the jetBook.

The following day I began seriously looking at the setup menus and the eBooks and the different formats advertised to work with the jetBook ~ .txt, .pdf, .fb2. This is when I began running into some issues. ECTACO recommends finding eBooks in the .txt format and I soon understood why. Navigation is much simpler in this format.

The .pdf format has several drawbacks and strengths. First, you cannot enlarge the font because the .pdf format is in essence a picture so all you are able to do is enlarge the picture. jetBook uses the FoxIt pdf mobile viewer giving you clean crisp images, however, when you modify the size it does not reflow the .pdf file so you will have to scroll side to side and top to bottom. With all the moving of the page reading becomes a chore. (However, there is a fix with custom .pdf when uploading a new eBook) The added benefit of the .pdf format is the capability to separate the screen into 9 sections and then isolate and enlarge a specific section. This powerful feature can be potentially very beneficial for business users who need to examine plans for review. One feature that does not function with the .pdf formatted eBook is turning pages using the arrow keys, the arrow keys control the scrolling when enlarged.

Finally, you have the .fb2 format. This format works with the fonts and reads well. However, titles of the eBooks do NOT appear in the menu. Titles are blank, so if you have downloaded a few titles you are guessing which eBook you are choosing. This is a serious flaw in the jetBook and their ability to read the .fb2 format. When I brought this to their attention I was advised to change this eBook format to the .pdf format, which has no ability to modify the font size!

As I was reading the eBooks one of the most striking advantages I ‘did not' see were pages turning. With the LCD screen there is no flashing, as with the e-Ink Technology, plus it is extremely fast! Many times I had to look twice to see if the page turned because I did not notice it turning. The speed, clear crisp picture and no eye strain are high marks for the jetBook.

Opening eBooks is also very quick and the jetBook remembers the last 9 books or files opened and the consequent last pages and bookmarks. This becomes a benefit when several individuals are using the same eBook reader.

Options and actions you can perform while reading a book are many. You have the ability to bookmark, search text, jump to a specific page, align the page, change the code page, use the dictionary (and translation) and turn on/off background music. Options and actions when setting up your jetBook includes items such as changing the language to deleting a book or renaming a book directly on the eBook Reader. Being able to move, rename or delete files directly on the reader is unique to jetBook. Being able to navigate through thousands of files is no problem when they are well organized and other eBook readers do not offer this ability! These are big benefits with the jetBook.

An MP3 player is on the jetBook. This can be used to play MP3 audio files and played in the background as you read or view pictures. I did not look at this feature so will not comment on it during this review.

Overall, I would recommend the jetBook. Reading is pleasant, setup is seamless, uploading is effortless, organizing is powerful and fully backed by a responsive customer oriented company! There are many bells and whistle the jetBook does not include at present, but the industry is new. With upgrades and advanced features planned, the jetBook will only become stronger and more powerful. It is a great 1st e-Book Reader for those wanting to determine if this technology is for them!

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