Haikei Blob Maker Has More

Haikei Blob Maker Has More
You see them everywhere. Those blobs that have become so popular are all over the web and look beautiful on websites. That's why I went in search of a free online blob generator and I found some great web apps. But, the haikei design tool was the best one. It not only has a blob generator but it has a combination of generators for creating SVG based shapes, patterns and backgrounds. Of course, you can combine these together to create a unique design.

haikei was developed by z creative labs GmbH. It is an extension of their original Blobmaker app. At this time, you can use the free online tool, with their Basic Plan. But they are working on a Pro version that will have even more design tools and generators.

The online interface is simple and intuitive. The generators are listed on the left and the canvas is in the center. On the right, are the controls that you will use to create your design. Just as in Affinity Designer, the controls change depending on the generator you are using. At this time, there are 15 generators, which are the following (see screenshot).

Blurry Gradient
Circle Scatter
Blob Scene
Layered Waves
Stacked Waves
Blob Scatter
Low Poly Grid
Layered Peaks
Stacked Peaks
Polygon Scatter
Layered Steps
Stacked Steps
Symbol Scatter

As my original need was to generate a few blobs, let's take a closer look at the Blob generator and the design controls (see screenshot).

Canvas and Background
First we have the Canvas controls, including presets for the most common horizontal and vertical aspect radios. Also, you have the option to set custom dimensions. You have the option to set a background color for the canvas or have a transparent background, which gives you more flexibility when combining various generated images into one design.

You have the option of creating a Solid (filled) or Outline blob. If you choose the Outline option, you can control the color and width of the stroke. Of course, you can also set the fill and stroke colors for the solid blob.

Shape and Position
To give you more options, there are several controls for shaping and positioning your blob. Your first option is to put the blob in the center of the canvas or overlapping one of the corners of the canvas. Once you get your blob in position, you have three slider controls for Complexity, Contrast and Size.

Finally, once you have all your options set as you like, you can use the Random icon at the bottom center of the canvas. With every click, you get a new blob. Once you have the perfect blob, you're ready to download. You can export your masterpiece as an SVG or PNG image and open the image into your favorite vector editing software. If you choose to download an SVG image, you can also open the image in your HTML editor.

With the popularity of Flat UI design, haikei is great for to generating custom design elements for your UI project. As for me, it's a great way to get a featured image for an article or tutorial. haikei is also great for creating background and design elements for iPhone backgrounds, presentations, social media and more.


haikei screenshots used by permission of z creative labs, GmbH.

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