Citterio Hard Salame Panini Recipe

Citterio Hard Salame Panini Recipe
Going out and spending money for a deli-made panini is always one option, but so is making one yourself. Get creative with the contents of your refrigerator. Do you think that you need a panini press to make this delicious toasty sandwich? Not so, if you have a healthy collection of cast iron skillets! The related articles at the bottom of the page will give you step-by-step instructions for using cast iron skillets to press and grill a lovely panini.

This week on my hunt for sandwich ingredients, I discovered Citterio Hard Salame at my local Costco warehouse. While the slices were thin, the taste was delightful. This salame (salami) is full of flavor. With a slightly leathery texture and a creamy, smoky finish, Citterio Hard Salame is a hit from beginning to end. If it is not available in your area, use a good quality deli hard salami. It should be very thinly sliced.

On a simple salami sandwich, I like to use a flavorful and crusty bread. Mayonnaise and French's yellow mustard are my favorite everyday condiments on this grab-and-go sandwich. It's a good car food when I need a meal on the go. The sandwich ingredients stay where they belong, in the sandwich, and I don't worry about wearing it to work! Sometimes, I need something special. That's where the panini comes into play.

Do you enjoy playing with food ingredients, while you look for that perfect flavor? I inspect my fridge to see what is available, then I go to town and build the right sandwich for that day. Here's a panini that I created with my Citterio Hard Salame. Ingredients are listed, but the amounts are up to you. Each person has different tastes. Fix it your way!

Citterio Hard Salame Panini Recipe


Olive oil to coat one side of each of the bread slices (I use Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil.)
2 slices of sourdough bread
Muffaletta olive salad (I use That Pickle Guy's salad.)
Swiss cheese to cover the bread slices. (You may use any hard cheese of your choice.)
Hard salame (I used Citterio brand and covered the bread with salame that was three slices deep.)
Spring greens to cover the salame (You could also use fresh spinach, romaine, or basil leaves.)
Sweet onion shreds sliced very thinly
Mayonnaise to cover one slice of bread.
Stone ground mustard to go on top of the mayo (I use Inglehoffer Original Stone Ground Mustard.)


You may use a panini press. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. You may also use my iron skillet pressing method. Instructions are below the sandwich assembly directions. If you don't care if the sandwich is pressed, you may simply grill it.

Coat one side of each slice of bread with olive oil. Assemble the sandwich. Place one slice of bread on the cooking surface, oiled side down. Spread it with a thin layer of muffaletta olive salad to cover the slice of bread. Use a fork and strain as much of the oil off of the olive salad as you can. Add a layer of cheese to cover the muffaletta. Use a layer of hard salame (about 3 slices thick) to overlay the cheese. Layer the greens over the salame and top the greens with the onion shreds. Finally, cover the second piece of bread's unoiled side with a thin layer of mayo, followed by the stone ground mustard. Close the sandwich with the second slice of bread, oiled side out. Toast the sandwich using the press or grilling method.

Use skillets that will nest together. You may use any size that works. I used an 8” cast iron skillet for the bottom skillet part of the press and a 6” cast iron skillet as the top of the press. Heat the smaller skillet over medium heat for 3-5 minutes. The longer you heat it, the browner your sandwich will be. You should smell the iron heating!

In the larger skillet, assemble the sandwich while the smaller skillet is heating. Turn the heat to medium under the bottom skillet. Take the heated, smaller top skillet and place it on top of the sandwich. Add a weight. This could be a tea kettle that is filled about one-quarter full of hot water or a larger iron skillet that has also been heated. Whatever you use as a weight should also be hot, so that it does not siphon off the heat from the top grilling skillet.. Grill the sandwich for about 3-5 minutes or until it is browned to your taste.

Carefully remove the top skillet. The bread might stick. Have a spatula ready to gently pry the bread away from the top skillet. If this happens, just put the sandwich back together. Flip the sandwich over to the other side, and let it rest in the pan for about one minute.

A grilled sandwich is tasty, but a pressed and grilled sandwich is a delight! This skillet method really works well. It does not leave the little grill marks like a panini press, but the sandwich is crunchy and pressed.

Here's an Amazon Link to a panini press:

If you need nesting iron skillets, these should work well!

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