Betty and Barney Hill’s UFO Encounter

Betty and Barney Hill’s UFO Encounter
The story of the Hills is well-known to anyone who had conducted research into UFO abductions. Betty, a social worker, and Barney, a mail carrier, were abducted by aliens in the countryside of New Hampshire during the fall of 1961.

Traveling back home late one night to Portsmouth, New Hampshire after vacationing in Niagara Falls and Canada, the Hills (including family dog Delsey) were driving on Route 3, south of Lancaster.

Barney was at the wheel when Betty said she saw a bright light in the sky near the moon and Jupiter. It was moving erratically upward. Barney at first said it must be a satellite, but then insisted it was an airplane.

In the tape of his hypnosis session to recall the incident, Barney became irritated with Betty’s insistence that it was not an airplane and must be a craft from outer space. He desperately wanted to believe it was an airplane.

Barney is unable to hold on to this belief when what appeared to be a “flying saucer” started playing tag with them as they traveled along Route 3. The craft moved very rapidly while making no sound at all.

Barney was very distraught that the craft was making no sound. He became hysterical, sobbing and crying out that he had to get his gun.

The “pancake-shaped” object was closer than 100 feet and with binoculars, he was able to see “8 to 11 humanoid figures dressed in shiny black uniforms” in the curved rows of windows that wrapped around the outer shell. He stated that he wanted someone to tell him it wasn’t there.

Barney jumped back in the car and they drove away as quickly as possible. They soon heard a “beeping sound” coming from the trunk of their car and felt an odd tingling pass through their bodies.

When they are next aware of what is happening, two to three hours of time are missing and they are 35 miles south of where they last remember being. Over a dozen “shiny, magnetized circles” were on their car’s trunk, both of their watches no longer worked, Barney’s shoe toes were scuffed, Betty’s dress was torn and their binocular strap was broken.

Betty suffered nightmares for five nights; and, Barney began to suffer anxiety and health issues leading the couple to seek help from Dr. Benjamin Simon in December of 1963.

Through their hypnosis session with Dr. Simon, the story of what happened to the Hills during their time with the aliens was revealed.

Barney’s gentle, soft way of speaking as well as his sincerity and, even his fear, intrigued me. I listened to the recording of his session several times.

He was obviously in distress. He wanted the craft to go away. Barney tried to convince himself that he was not seeing the large pancake-shaped object with “rows of windows” and “one huge light.” He looks up and down the road wishing someone would come and tell him that it is not there. “What do they want?”

Barney described one of the aliens as looking friendly, smiling with a round face. Another one he compared to a Nazi wearing a black jacket and a black scarf.

Barney had no idea where Betty was at this time. He feels the “leader” inside his head telling him to “just keep looking.” Barney begged God for strength.

He pulled himself together and went back to the car. Barney started driving down the road, but he and Betty were very aware of the object in the sky near them.

By this point in the hypnosis session, Barney had begged the doctor twice to let him wake up. Dr. Simon refused.

He referred to his crazy dog staying in the car all the time. “Isn’t that funny?” Barney asked.

Barney began to sound confused. I believe he was making one final attempt to deny to himself that he was seeing aliens. He asked if he was being robbed, and stated that he had no money.

Barney said that the eyes were telling him not to be afraid. He didn’t understand what the “bright red and orange” lights were from down the road. Was there an accident, he wondered?

“I don’t have to be afraid,” said Barney. He said that there were men standing in the road and that he was suspended. “I want to go back to the car.” He told Dr. Simon he was not on the road on in the woods. He said that he was “floating about.”

At this point, Barney finally seemed to accept what he was seeing. He seemed to be telling Betty that it was a flying saucer and he wondered where they came from.

Barney next remembered being assisted out of his car. He was so frightened that he would not open his eyes again until he was back inside his vehicle after the abduction incident was over.

He felt like he was being taken up a slight incline. He stated to Dr. Simon that he didn’t want to be operated on. He remembered lying on his stomach on a table and his fly was open. He said they were putting a cup around his genitals.

He next found himself back in his car. Delsey was under the seat in a tight ball. Betty was walking down the road toward him.

“I am grinning at her and she is grinning back at me,” said Barney. “We are both elated.” They felt no fear at this time. They see a bright “moon” in front of them and Barney laughed and said, “There it goes and I am happy.”

Barney even stated that he “should have gone with it,” and wondered if it would “prove the existence of God.”

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