Video Scribe Animation in Motion - The Graphics

Video Scribe Animation in Motion - The Graphics
In this tutorial, we will cover some decisions made when creating a general branding intro for Mygrafico. Just a year ago, YouTubeTM added a branding intro feature for your channel. This was a three second video that could be set to play at the beginning of all of your channel videos. Three seconds is a short time but enough for a quick logo intro. However, many YouTube creators didn't like this option because they wanted more control. So after only a year, YouTube remove this feature.

I think the branding intro is a great way to brand your YouTube channel videos. But I agree that it is nice to be able to control when and how they are used. For example, you may want to use a special intro for certain holidays and have a general intro for other times. Also, it's nice to have the option for a longer intro. Most of the intros that I create for my clients are 10 seconds.

The Mygrafico company has that cute "mascot" lion graphic. So, I decided to use him as the main design element in a whiteboard animation, also known as a video scribe animation. Since we have already converted the raster image of the lion into a vector in a previous tutorial, by redrawing him in IllustratorR, our next task is to go back to PhotoshopR and make a mockup of the major video scenes for the intro.

Starting in Photoshop with a blank 1280 x 720 pixel document, which is the resolution for the final video project, we can add a solid white background. Then using Layer Styles, add a subtle gradient. We will also open a graphic of a hand holding a pencil, which I created for a previous project.

Now it is time to work on the lion's head, which will be the first graphic drawn by the hand in the animation. At this point in Illustrator, the lion is made of several layers of solid color. Because we want the animated hand in the whiteboard animation to first draw an outline of the lion's head and then fill the outline with color, we will need to create an outline version of the lion's head. One nice feature of Illustrator is the ability to quickly switch between Fill and Stroke settings.

Because we only have a few seconds for our entire animation, we will have the hand draw just the outlines for the lion's mane and head. So in Illustrator, we need to switch the outside paths of the mane and the head from a color fill to a black stroke. We can copy/paste these as one layer in Photoshop.

For the next scene, we need that lion's mane and head again but this time we need the color fills. Going back to Illustrator, we can switch those two paths from a stroke back to their original color fills, select just those two paths and paste into Photoshop. For the third scene, we need to add the face details. Select all the layers of the lion's face, paste as one layer in to Photoshop. The last part of the animation will be the hand drawing the "mygrafico" text on to the screen. This just requires us to copy\paste the vector letters from Illustrator into Photoshop. After a few tweaks, such as rotating the lion's head to face the company name, we are ready to move in to Motion.

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