Whiteboard Animation - Import Graphics into Motion

Whiteboard Animation - Import Graphics into Motion
In the previous tutorial, we prepared the graphics that we will use in this whiteboard video scribe animation, which will become a branding intro for Mygrafico. There are five major scenes to this branding intro. After we are finished, we can export the animation as a .mov file, which can be imported as the beginning of a longer video or used alone.

The first of five scenes in this Mygrafico whiteboard animation is to have the hand draw an outline of the lion graphic. It will first draw the outline of the lion's mane and then the outline of the lion's face. Let's get started.

After starting a new 10 second MotionR document with a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and 29.97 fps (NTSC), I like to set the project's Background property to Transparent. Then we can import the layered PhotoshopR .psd file, which we created in a previous tutorial. This .psd file has nine layers. The top layer contains the arm graphic, the bottom layer contains the background graphic and each will be used throughout the intro. Each of the other four layers; Lineart, Text, Face and Color contain the graphics used for scene 1 through scene 4 respectively.

  1. At this point in Motion, we have an empty Project layer and an empty Group layer. Rename the Project layer to something that will identify its purpose, such as "Mygrafico General Intro 1".

  2. Click File - Import and in the dialog box set the Layer Name option to All Layers. This will move the original Group layer to the bottom and give us a new Group 1 with all the layers of our .psd file.

    Hand - contains the arm and hand
    Lineart - contains the line art of the lion's head and mane
    Text - contains the text for the company name
    Face - contains the details of the lion's face
    Color - contains only the color layer of the lion's head and mane
    Text2 - contains the text of the company tagline
    Cat - contains the complete graphic for the cat
    Text3 - contains the text for call to action
    BG - contains the gradient background

  3. Change the name of the original Group layer from "Group" to "BG" for background. Drag the BG gradient graphic layer into this group.

  4. Working upward from the BG layer, add a new group named "Call" and drag the Text3, Cat and Text2 graphic layers into this group. Add a new group named "Color", drag the Color graphic layer into that group. Repeat this for the Face, Text, Lineart and Hand layers. Delete the Group 1 layer that previously contained the graphics, since it is now empty.


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