Stabilize Your Household with ADD

Stabilize Your Household with ADD
Recently I read an article by Brian Lee who writes the Genius Types Blog. The article was about the benefits of having a stable life. It made me reflect on how much more I can accomplish when areas of my life are not in chaos. What areas in your life are blessings? Which need work? For many people with Attention Deficit Disorder areas that need work are the home setting, money management, personal relationships, and the workplace. When these areas are in balance, then so many more activities can be accomplished in all parts of your life. This starts in the home.

The first principle for stabilizing a household is, "If it is broken, fix it or get rid of it." Items that are broken lend stress to your life. You know that they need to be fixed, yet there they are, broken and just hanging out in your home, creating unusable clutter. Every broken item is a silent rebuke. It is something, one more something, which is not getting done. Take inventory and make a plan to fix the belongings that you want to keep. Get rid of the ones that you don't really want or need. Call for a special trash pickup. Make a run to the dump. You can gather everything up and rent a truck to haul it.

When it comes to fixing your actual house, that task is a little more difficult. It's a two-step process. Locate a source of money to pay for those repairs which need to be completed. Next, find somebody to make the repairs. If you can handle making the repairs yourself, you will just need to pay for parts. YouTube has a lot of tutorials for smaller repairs. You might also barter with somebody who is handy with tools. If money needs to be saved, make a plan for it. Where can you trim your budget to save for repairs? Be creative! After you have the money, you need to find a reliable person to make the repairs. Asking friends, neighbors, or accessing Angie's List is a great way to find a good repairman.

While you are getting rid of broken items, take a look at the clutter, too. A messy house is another stress inducing, happiness sucking, thing that you don't need in your life. Deal with the mess. De-clutter. Give away or throw away items that you no longer need. Put them in that load that is going to the dump.

Find an area in your house that you can keep clean, and then expand from there. Everybody in the household will need to help. Daily, weekly, and monthly chores can be assigned. Find a reward system that works for your family. For some people, a clean house is its own reward. That is a wonderful thing. If that is not where your head is at, then find a reward for the hours of cleaning that you and your family will do to help eliminate stress in your life.

After your house is in order, you can work on finances. Good money management can help your household run smoother. Getting your house and budget in order can improve relationships, especially when money is affecting the relationship. When your home life is better, it is easier to do your job in the workplace and strengthen your relationships there. Everything starts at home.

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