Summer Safety and ADD

Summer Safety and ADD
Summer is a special time for kids with Attention Deficit Disorder. There's more freedom in the summer to run around and let their ADD fly free. They can show their unique creativity in their play and projects. Time spent playing and exercising in green space can improve the negative symptoms of ADD. Swimming is a way to get fresh air, exercise and spend time with friends. As adults, we need to keep in mind that Attention Deficit Disorder can cause these children to take higher levels of risk than some of their peers and pre-dispose kids to be more accident prone. Below, you will find links to some articles. They give ideas to help keep your children safe in the less structured days of summertime.

Safety Tips and Kids with ADD
How do you keep kids with Attention Deficit Disorder safe when they are on a school holiday? Lazy, unstructured days can be dangerous days for impulsive children. These safety tips can help all kids, especially those with ADD or ADHD, have a safer and more pleasant time out of school.

Impulsive Behaviors and Danger for Kids with ADD
Kids with ADD are impulsive, creative, energetic, and will persist in trying to solve puzzles that they are interested in. This can be a good thing, unless they are putting themselves in danger. Limit the dangerous situations that your child can find himself in.

Internet Safety and Kids with ADD
Many parents are uncomfortable about limiting their child’s computer freedoms. Hopefully, you already have computer rules in place to protect your child with ADD. Here are a group of policies that I feel are important to help keep your child internet-safe.

Fireworks Safety and Attention Deficit Disorder
Impulsivity and inattention are hallmarks of Attention Deficit Disorder. When you combine these traits with fireworks, you have an explosive and dangerous combination. Then, factor into this equation the inexperience and feelings of invincibility of childhood and you have a perfect storm for injury.

Swimming Safety and ADD
Impulsivity and executive function difficulties are two of the negative symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. What does that mean, and how can it impact swimming safety? What does an expert on swimming safety have to say about drowning? Why should parents know the signs of drowning? How can drowning be prevented?

Be prepared. Monitor your child, both inside the home and outside. Make sure that they know and follow the rules that will keep them safe. Enjoy watching your children grub in the garden and roll around in the grass. Let your family's summertime be filled with the joy that can flow from the extra freedom that less structured days can bring.

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