Witch Hat - Hat Top SVG Cut Line

Witch Hat - Hat Top SVG Cut Line
In this tutorial we will continue to work on our SVG cut file for a witch hat candy container. We have already drawn the cut lines for the brim of the hat and a triangle that we will use to build the top of the five sided hat.

Let's go back into IllustratorR and start building the top of the witch hat. We are still working on the Top layer, which contains the triangle that we have drawn.

  1. Select the triangle and drag it to the center of the Artboard.

  2. With the triangle still selected, click Edit - Copy. Then click Edit - Paste in Place to paste the copy into the Top layer. This will place the copy on top of the original triangle.

  3. Use the Selection tool to move the new triangle to the right until the left anchor point of the second triangle is directly over the right anchor point of the first triangle.

    Now we will rotate the second triangle until the long inside edges overlap.

  4. Select the second triangle and the Rotate tool. Drag the Reference Point from the center of the triangle to the bottom left anchor point.

  5. Drag your cursor to the left on the Artboard until the two edges of the triangles overlap.

  6. Go back to the original triangle and repeat the previous steps to create a third triangle. This time, move the triangle copy to the left of the original.

    Our next task is to duplicate the two outside triangles using the same process as before.

  7. Copy and paste the right most triangle as before. Rotate the triangle until the two sides overlap.

  8. Copy and paste the left most triangle and repeat the steps as before.

We have a good start on our template of the witch hat. Now we need to add the tabs that we will use to glue the hat together. It's difficult to draw these tabs at an angle. So as before, we will draw a tab at the bottom of the center triangle, which is the triangle sitting on the horizontal axis. Then we can copy/paste this tab for the other triangles.

  1. Lock the Top layer and create another layer named "Tabs".

  2. With the Pen tool, click over the bottom left anchor point of the triangle that is on the Top layer below.

  3. Move to the right and down .25 inch and click to add a second anchor point. This will create the slanted left edge of the tab.

  4. Move to the right 1.75 inch and click again for the third anchor point.

  5. Finally, click over the right bottom point of the triangle.

  6. Now that we have our tab, we can copy and paste this tab four times, placing the tabs at the bottom of each triangle.

    Our last tab is the tab along the long edge of the right most triangle. We will draw this tab to have a thin point at the top so that it will be easier to manipulate the tip of the hat.

  7. For the first anchor point, click over the tip where all triangles meet.

  8. Move over 1 inch and down .5 inch and click again for the second anchor point.

  9. Move down to the bottom and click again .25 inch from the left and bottom of the triangle.

  10. Finally, click over the anchor point of the right most triangle.

    Our last addition to this template is to add a pentagon shaped bottom for the candy container.

  11. Click on the Artboard with the Polygon tool. Set the Radius to 1.9 and the Sides to 5. Click OK.

  12. Save this file.

Now that we have our template, we can begin to draw the final cut lines for the witch hat.

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