Morning Organization for ADD

Morning Organization for ADD
Many people have trouble organizing in the morning, especially if there are kids involved. When you factor in one or more family members with Attention Deficit Disorder, the difficulties can increase. Organization is helped by planning ahead. I was watching a cooking show this morning, and they had some wonderful ideas for morning organization. I have a few tips of my own. After reading this article, if you have other ideas, please share them in the BellaOnline Attention Deficit Disorder Forum.

Hang your clothes together that you are going to use for a particular day. Have them all ready to go. I put away my socks and underwear together after doing the laundry. My matching shirt and slacks are also together. If you are a weather fan, look at the long range forecast, and put your outfits together according to the forecast. Label the clothes for the day of the week. This is especially helpful for children. I like to lay my clothes out the night before, so I don’t even have to think about them in the morning.

Organizing Makeup:
Find a large picture frame at a garage sale or thrift store. Have a metal insert cut to fit it at the hardware store. The metal needs to be able to hold a magnet. Take a magnet with you to test it. Also, cut a piece of fabric to fit over the metal. Use a spray adhesive to attach it. You will want to leave a bit of extra cloth to wrap around the metal. Put the metal into the frame. Then, hot glue little magnets to the backs of your makeup containers. You might also find small caddies for your brushes. Glue a few magnets to the caddies. Voila! That makeup mess is gone and you can see the makeup you have to work with every morning neatly attached to your makeup frame!

Bircher Muesli Breakfast:
This is a make-ahead breakfast that is tasty and healthy. There are many recipes for Bircher muesli on the net. I use what I have at home. Bircher muesli is an uncooked oatmeal breakfast. Use rolled oats, fruit, nuts, and milk. Tailor it to fit your tastes. Here is what I like to do. I use equal amounts of oats, milk, and a blend of fruit and nuts. I use a cup of oats and a cup of milk. I coarsely chop an apple. Be sure that the apple is well-washed. Pears are tasty, too. If I have seedless grapes, I cut them in half. I use about three-quarters of a cup of fruit, along with one-quarter cup of coarsely chopped nuts. I love to use walnuts. Sunflower seeds, pecans, or macadamia nuts are good, too. You can use raisins, if you don’t have grapes. Stir the milk into the oatmeal/fruit/nut bowl, and you could add some yogurt, if desired. Shovel the muesli into individual bowls. In the morning, you could add some honey or brown sugar. However, overnight the fruit will leach its sweetness into the milk, and I don’t even need extra sweetener.

Protein Shakes:
When you bring fruits and veggies home for making protein shakes, clean them thoroughly. Then, chop them and bag your favorite combinations into individual baggies. Freeze them until you are ready to use those delicious fruits and veggies with your favorite protein for a tasty and healthy shake.

Easy Lunches:
An easy healthy lunch can be made ahead in just minutes. It’s ready to go in the morning. Choose a day to do some advance cooking that allows you to make meals quickly. A juice can add calories, carbs, and nutrition. Of course, sandwiches are always a nice, quick option.
*Ham salad or salmon salad-sweet peppers, cucumber slices, and/or celery sticks for dipping-seedless grapes or tangerines.
*Lentil soup-blueberries with yogurt.
*Cheese-muffin-cauliflower and carrots-apple.
*Cottage cheese-cherry tomatoes-pears or pineapple.

What are some strategies that work for you when you are getting ready to go in the morning? Would you share with us? This site has a forum where we can share ideas and get support. If you haven’t visited the BellaOnline Attention Deficit Disorder Forum, click the link below. It will take you right to the forum.
BellaOnline Attention Deficit Disorder Forum

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