More Photoshop Brushes from Adobe CC

More Photoshop Brushes from Adobe CC
One thing that I noticed when I purchased my Adobe Creative Cloud membership and Photoshop CC was the small number of default brushes in the Brushes panel. In my Brushes panel, I had four small groups of brushes.

8 General Brushes
6 Dry Media Brushes
6 Wet Media Brushes
8 Special Effects Brushes

After taking a closer look, I found that there are 1000s of digital brushes available for download and they are free with your Creative Cloud membership. I didn't hesitate one minute before I grabbed the new brushes and started painting. So just what do you get?

These free brushes, available for download from a special page on the Adobe website, are created by Kyle T. Webster and work in both Photoshop CC and Photoshop Sketch for iPad. At the end of 2018, there are 17 brush packs for download. You will want to return to this page occasionally for updates and new packs.

Winter 2018 Brushes - 26 brushes including inks, paints and special effects

Megapack - 300 tools, several media, blenders and erasers

Watercolor - wet media brushes with built-in textures

Dry Media - dry media brushes with pronounced textures and some smudge tools too

Gouache - reminiscent of the 1950s and 60s art brushes. Use your pen tablet to control the amount of paint on brush

Spatter - 40+ brushes. Use your pen tablet to control the amount of spatter and direction

Runny Inkers - blotty, dotty lines

Manga Brushes - line work and halftone brushes, effects, sketch pencil and eraser

Crosshatchers - 50 crosshatching tools, tilt and pressure responsive

Rake Brushes - multiline strokes, shapes and textures

Impressionist - subtle color to energetic, reminiscent of French Impressionists

Letterers - 100+ tools for lettering artists, works with Photoshop Smoothing feature

Halftones - 100+ pressure-sensitive tools for halftone patterns and screentone brushes

Copier - mimics old time photocopy textures

Concept - special brushes for special effects and textures, such as foliage, clouds, rocks and more

Art Markers - digital markers with paper texture, stroke build-up and bleeding edges

Summer 2018 Brushes - inking, washes, stains and texture brushes

How to Download

  1. Open the menu in the Brushes panel and choose Get More Brushes (see screenshot).

    This will take you to that special webpage.

  2. Choose a brush pack and download the .abr or .zip file. Unzip the Zip file.

    From the Zip file, you will have a .abr brush file and a .pdf list of brushes (see screenshot). Or you might just have the .abr file.

  3. With photoshop open, double-click the .abr file to import the brushes.

    The brushes will appear in the Brushes panel (see screenshot).

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