ADD Symptoms Persist into Adulthood

ADD Symptoms Persist into Adulthood
A recent study published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry discussed the prevalence of the persistence of symptoms and impairment from Attention Deficit Disorder into young adulthood. These findings were based on self-reporting and the reporting of the parents of the adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. This reporting used as its basis adult symptomology, rather than the diagnostic criteria used for children. Based on their study, the researchers found that 41 percent of the folks who had Attention Deficit Disorder as children had problems as young adults.

The symptoms and impairments that Attention Deficit Disorder confers on adults are real and have major implications for all aspects of their lives. Below are articles that contain useful information about adult ADD/ADHD. Each article has a clickable link and a short description of the article.

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
The wisdom of old was that children grew out of their Attention Deficit Disorder. It is estimated that 2% -4% of the adult population in the United States has adult ADD/ADHD. Just over 8% of the population with ADD/ADHD had a lifetime prevalence of Attention Deficit Disorder.

How Attention Deficit Disorder Affects Adults
ADD isn't just for kids! The National Institutes for Mental Health (NIMH) estimates that over four percent of the adult population has ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder can seriously impact many areas of adult life.

Maintaining Motivation with Adult ADD
How are you able to do something when you just don't feel like working on it? For many people with Attention Deficit Disorder, focus and motivation can be ongoing problems. Read what research has to say about rewards and motivation. Then, plan for success!

Building Adult Relationships with ADD
Building a lasting adult relationship takes hard work, commitment, and finding ways to smooth the course of the journey together. Sometimes, Attention Deficit Disorder can add a few bumps in the path that other couples don't have to face. Learn ways to make the relationship work for you!

Essential Resources to Help Adults with ADD
Research shows that people with ADD/ADHD are creative problem solvers, which is good when you have a tough problem to solve. However, they often need support finding solutions that can help with the problematic parts of ADD. Here are some resources to help smooth life's journey for adults with ADD.

Live Well with ADD
Today's fast-paced world of work often leaves people stressed and drained of emotional resources. People with Attention Deficit Disorder must take time to renew themselves. Balancing work and recreation helps people to live well with ADD.

The Gifts of Attention Deficit Disorder
How do you perceive Attention Deficit Disorder? Do you just see it as a problem in all areas of your life? Are there good things in your life because of ADD? What gifts has ADD given to you? Gifts! How can ADD bring gifts to you? This article shines a different light on ADD!

While some people seem to "grow out of" Attention Deficit Disorder, many adults continue to have symptoms. Those symptoms can seriously affect a person's life. But, ADD/ADHD is not all gloom and doom. Some of the attributes of Attention Deficit Disorder are positive. By understanding the pros and cons of ADD/ADHD, adults will be better able to manage the symptoms and lessen the impairments that Attention Deficit Disorder can bring.

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